SAN JOSE, Calif. (KCBS) _ It’s not always easy to eat healthy. But a new partnership in the South Bay is taking a unique approach to bolster those good intentions for low-income families.

Parents who don’t have the ways or means to stock the pantry will find the produce comes to them.

The “Produce Mobile” is making stops at a South Bay clinic as part of a plan to reduce childhood obesity.

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“If a mom feels that she is on a tight income and can barely get by, it’s a stretch for her to invest in food that she’s not sure her kids can actually eat,” said Dr. Daniel Delgado, director of Santa Clara County’s Pediatric Healthy Lifestyle Center.

Delgado said a new partnership with the Second Harvest Food Bank means parents will have access to refrigerated truckloads of fresh fruit and veggies once a month.

It’s part of Delgado’s goal to promote healthy lifestyles for kids.

Instead of dieting, he is emphasizing activity and healthful eating for the whole family.

“The traditional standard advice that adults receive of going on a diet and exercising simply just does not work in children,” said Delgado.

He said the “Produce Mobile” could make more stops in the South Bay if there’s enough support for the program.

  1. Brian Weeks RN says:

    Great idea, but now you just have to find a way to get the kids to eat their veggies! Good luck with that! Adding butter and cheese sauces to make veggies palatable defeats the purpose by adding FAT! Don’t overcook the veggies either, leeches out the important components.

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