In the wake of a recent suicide cluster in Palo Alto, a new report finds that more teens are seeking counseling for help dealing with a variety of mental health issues.

According to analysts and counseling services in Palo Alto, there were 500 more
on-campus counseling sessions this year than last one.

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Academic stress was cited as the main reason, but parents, relationships and depression were factors as well.

Between May of 2009 and January of this year, five current, incoming or former students of Palo Alto’s Gunn High School committed suicide.

Mental health advocates say the solution is to focus on education, treating suicide as a community health concern.

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  1. Mary Gingell says:

    Matt Bigler’s report has an inaccuracy in it – there is no train crossing near Gunn High School. The traintracks run adjacent to the Palo Alto High School (“Paly”) property.

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