Robbery Suspects Still on the Loose

CUPERTINO, Calif. (KCBS/BCN) _ Three robbery suspects are still on the loose after eluding law enforcement officers in Cupertino on Saturday.

Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department Sergeant Rick Sung said officers from multiple agencies were unable to locate them during a nearly 12-hour manhunt.

The robbery was reported around 12:20 p.m. Saturday afternoon at the Bank of America in the 19000 block of Stevens Creek Boulevard.

Sung said the three male suspects were armed and took an undisclosed amount of cash before fleeing the scene.

Police established a perimeter in the area of De Anza Boulevard and Prospect Road near the Cupertino-Saratoga border and notified residents they were searching for bank robbers.

Sung said no buildings were locked down in the area during the search.

K-9 units and a CHP helicopter were also called in to help.

The search ended around 11:45 p.m. with the suspects still outstanding, but Sung said they the sheriff’s office is continuing to investigate.

  • Dan

    8:30 pm and helicopters still hovering. How unnerving can that be!

    • palapa

      Helicopters are done hovering. Did they catch the robbers?

  • Steve

    Just spoke to the Police on location (@ 8:45). 3 guys robbed the bank. One of the 3 is still believed to still be in the area. It is thought that he is not wearing a shirt, has dark complexion and has long hair. Chopper is still above…

  • cc

    Does anyone know what is happening. They are still searching but have moved locations (they were two blocks from us) further away and on the other side of De Anza

  • shouvik

    Apparently cops are on almost every street corner around
    the Prospect raoad.

  • Robert

    Let’s hope they catch the duo before long.

  • syed

    There is still a police helicopter overhead and police cars can be seen in places. Today there were officers with automatic rifles in the perimeter. That chopper is really annoying.

  • joe blow

    can you believe they haven’t caught these two clowns yet?
    Apparently they are two black males on foot… and they are eluding this huge cop dragnet complete with choppers. Amazing.
    BTW, there is no Saratoga PD… it’s all Santa Clara County Sheriffs.

    • Wondering

      Does anybody know the latest status? I don’t see cops as they were yesterday?

  • missdisplaced

    I always cheer when a BofA gets robbed!

  • joe

    No word on this at all this morning.

  • john

    Police everywhere. Potentiall armed robbers inthe cupertino and saratoga areas but not one report on the news even into last night. Nobody out there warning people – pathetic! All KCBS could say the entire time was “police activity”

  • Dan

    They spend gobs of time/ money on the helicopter. Seems like way overkill and a waste. Should have had more people on foot. Yeah, cops with automatic rifle. None of the alert systems were in place. Would have helped them instead of yelling out and asking residences if we had seen someone. The fire department does not respond properly neither. The over-reacted on the last one and wasted lots money. They still cruise with their engines to go over their missed lessons.

    • nick

      I love how everyone that commented on this article is soo very critical of law enforcement. DAN please explain to me how the fire department has enthing to do with the bank robbery or the police searching for these fugitives, let alone how you stated “the fire dept does not respond properly neither” ??

  • joe blow

    Sheriff cars still racing around here and there… these two or three felons need to publish a book on how to evade capture!

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