PLEASANTON, Calif. (AP) –A 42-year-old Northern California woman has been arraigned on felony charges of unlawful sex with two teenage boys, but delayed entering a plea while her defense lawyer reviews the evidence against her.
Christine Hubbs, a mother of three from suburban Livermore, remained jailed on $4.3 million bail following a brief court appearance Monday.

A police affidavit from the case alleges that Hubbs made advances on one of the boys when he was 14 and dating her daughter. Authorities say that relationship lasted between December 2008 and January of this year.

Livermore police say another boy, now 14, told them he had a relationship with Hubbs that ended last month.

Hubbs’ husband attended Monday’s court hearing, as did stunned friends of the couple.

  1. Renee McCallister says:

    I just pray that they treat as an equal, just because she is a woman, she should not be treated any differently. She committed RAPE, lock her up for years. I have a 10 year old son, I would want her to pay for her crime, NOTt just file as a sex offender, but do time behind bars. Why should we be able to commit horrific crimes and NOT pay the price. Put her out with the rest of the horrible criminals, not in a protected atmosphere, if she’s hurt in prison, maybe that something she should have thought about before hurting so many helpless people. It’s a dominoe affect, she’s hurt hundreds of innocent family’s. And she is ONE sick Individual.

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