CC Employees Complain About Furlough Days

MARTINEZ, Calif. (KCBS) _ Furlough days have riled up hundreds of county managers and supervisors in Contra Costa, who claim they are being forced to take too many days off.

County manager Sue Guest of Local 21 was the first to speak at Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting in Martinez.

“You want us to take 12 days of furlough. That’s over a 6 percent wage cut,” she said. “That is unfair.”

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The furlough days would have to be taken before June 30, 2011.

Local 21 began bargaining last July, but there’s still no contract.

Dr. Juan Reardon with county health services said the union is willing to accept the furlough days, but just not in such a compressed amount of time.

“We’re barely covering the high cost of Bay Area living for ourselves and our families,” he said.

The union, which represents about 800 management and supervisory personnel, is asking that the furlough days be spared over a two year period like it is for other unions.

John Gioia, the Chair of the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors, had the last word on the matter.

“We want to bring our negotiations with Local 21 to conclusion as soon as possible,” said Gioia.

As Gioia spoke, many union members turned their backs and walked out of the Board chamber.

  • Concerned County Resident

    Is it really complaining when these union members are pointing out obvious inequitable and unfair furlough terms? All of the coalition unions took 12 days over 24 months. Another point not even addressed is that Local 21 members have had over 300K in increased health care costs imposed on them by the County/BOS. No other union nor unrepresented employee in the County has been subject to this burden either.

  • Donte

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