What if your doctor told you to cut meat out of your diet?

If you’re not inclined toward vegetarianism, you might find it difficult.

But there’s a movement to get meat eaters to change their diet at least one day a week. It’s called Meatless Monday, and it’s exactly what it sounds like.

“You tend to do something on the first day of the week,” said Sid Lerner, the 79-year-old retired adman who came up with the idea. “Plus we like the alliteration of Meatless Monday.”

Lerner came up with Meatless Monday when his doctor suggested he reduce his meat intake by about 15 percent.

Some big name celebrity chefs, including Wolfgang Puck & Mario Batalli, have joined the movement. Others are getting involved as well.

“Sophie Maxwell had a resolution passed to make San Francisco a Meatless Monday city, joining Washington D.C. and Cincinnati,” he said.


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