American Airlines flight 24  from San Francisco International Airport to JFK Airport in New York has been held on tarmac since early this morning after a some sort of a threat against that aircraft.

The plane was originally scheduled to leave at 7:30, but the airline notified passengers that the departure time would be pushed back to 9:15 because one of the crew members was sick.

Passenger Karen tells KCBS that she boarded the flight around 8:45. Since then the plane has been held on the tarmac.

“There is some sort of a threat against the airline, or the airplane, I suppose, and they say the FBI got involved,” Karen said.

Early this afternoon the passengers were taken off the plane and bussed back to the terminal where they’ve been rescreened. There were reports that American Airlines was not rebooking those passengers on other flights, but a spokesperson for the airline says they are rescheduling the passengers.  

Another passenger, Michael Kidd, says he saw uniformed police officers handcuffing a young man and a young woman sitting in the back row. They were taken off the plane.

The passengers and crew are all reportedly safe.


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