BERKELEY (KCBS)_ Prenatal exposure to pesticides has been linked to attention problems in the latest research out of the University of California Berkeley.

A new study suggests that unborn babies exposed to pesticides while in the womb may be at an increased risk of attention disorders later in life. The research finds organophosphate metabolites were linked to attention problems at the age of five, particularly among boys.

“In terms of someone who is pregnant, what we’re saying is that it’s very important that you eat your fruits and vegetables, that is number one, because nutrition is key during pregnancy,” said U.C. Berkeley professor of epidemiology and maternal and child health Brenda Eskenazi. “But you need to wash your hands, and wash your fruits and vegetables very well before you eat them.”

The latest study bolsters findings earlier this year from Harvard researchers, which suggested such exposure to pesticide in school aged children was associated with an increase in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder symptoms.


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