SAN JOSE, Calif. (KCBS) – It’s estimated that over the next two years, there could be tens of thousands of electric of hybrid-electric cars on Bay Area roadways.

However, currently, the region only has 120 electric vehicle charging stations.

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The lack of charging stations is a problem now being addressed by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, which is setting aside $5 million to install 5,000 electric car charging stations over the next 5 years.

  1. virian bouze says:

    my name is Virian bouze, i am designing a kit to convert gasoline vehicles to electric and teach people how to maintain and repair electric vehicles. i am filling out the application; isupply to the cities in the bay area to sell the coulom electric recharging device that can be installed in condos and appartments allong in areas where existing parking meters are already located. i am a 501c3 . thank you Virian

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