4-Year-Old Blamed For Salinas House Fire

SALINAS (CBS/AP) – A 4-year-old boy playing with matches is being blamed for sparking a fire that burned down a house in Salinas.

Salinas fire Capt. Hector Cortez told the Monterey Herald when firefighters arrived Thursday evening they found the fire burning on all sides of the single-story home.

A woman living in the home was able to escape the flames by running out the back door with her boy and a 10-month-old daughter.

Cortez says the boy told firefighters that he was playing with matches.

The home, which the family was renting, is a total loss. The Red Cross was notified and was trying to assist the woman, her husband and the two children.

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  • Chris

    A 4yr old with matches is NOT to blame for this fire.

    An idiot that lets her 4yr old play with matches is very much to blame.

  • I Open Carry

    I say Bull Crap to trying to blame a 4 yr old. The Mother was the ADULT at home at the time. SHE is to blame. Why was the boy allowed to play with matches? Why were they left so he could get to them?
    By blaming the boy, he will not go through life being the “kid who burnt down the house”,
    Put the blame where is belongs.

  • grokpaint

    Letting a child play with matches is remarkably similar to letting an adult idiot play with guns.

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