Muslim Unity Day At Great America In Santa Clara

SANTA CLARA (CBS) – Thousands of Muslims attended the sixth annual Muslim Unity Day at Great America amusement park in Santa Clara.

The daylong event was organized by Muslim Unity Foundation (MUF).

The previous five “Muslim Unity Day” events were great successes.

This year’s event featured Muslim artists and musicians including Muslim Hip-Hop artists Baraka Blue and Oakland-based DJ Anas Canon from Remarkable Current, and comedian Preacher Moss from the ‘Allah Made Me Funny’ Muslim Comedy Tour.

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  • Alah Bamha

    I think they should unite at the airport, get on an emerates plane, and get the heck out of America for good!!!

    • IrfanR

      @Alah Bhama- I was born and raised in America- so why don’t you get the heck out of my country!

  • gene ray


    • IrfanR

      @gene – why is it disgusting that kids and families are having a good time at an amusement part like any other american?

  • Herbie Katz

    What if their silly headscarves blow off on a ride?Did the food vendors have to get rid of any food that may have come in touch with hot dog made of pork?

    • asma

      @Herbie there were no hot dogs made of pork – the food was halal only.
      The beautiful headscarves stay on our bodies just as your tank top would stay on your body when you ride a roller coaster.

  • ashley Katzeff

    pretty interesting!!

  • ben

    great i-iam a brit who lived in Dubai -syria turkey,and always i being happy.

  • asma

    @ Alah not all Muslims come from the Emirates! The most populated Muslim country in the world is Indonesia! Muslims will never leave America – we were born here like you – get used to.

  • sana

    great event! and judging by these comments, looks like some people still need some educating!

  • Amal

    Great event to show Muslims are American too, Just like Christians, Mormons, and Jews and everyone else. If we took time to learn about others religions we wouldn’t be so afraid of whats unknown. Its amazing how as Muslims we learn about everyone else but other people & Faiths are still scared to learn about us. I’m thankful to be a Muslim American. Alhamdulliah ( all praises due to Allah (god)

  • Fatima

    Great event, great success at Great America!!

  • TK

    Hats off to people who worked hard and made this event successful

  • osman

    thank you. for organizers and for open-minded people enjoying the show. no matter attended or not.
    “everthing that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” // c. sung

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