Women Attacked At San Jose City College

Campus police at San Jose City College have sent out a safety alert to all students after  two women reported being attacked by different men in the past two weeks.

The first attack happened last week when a woman was sexually assaulted in her car by a man described as homeless, according to police.

KCBS Matt Bigler Reporting:

Then on Tuesday afternoon, police said an attacker came up behind a woman, swung her into a wall and pushed his body against her.  The woman got away and ran to her car.

The attacker is described as white or Hispanic, middle aged, six feet tall, about 180 lbs, with short hair, wrinkled cheeks and a strong smell of cologne.

Campus police said they are patrolling more frequently following the attacks.

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  • annieloux

    If I was ever sexually assaulted by a homeless man I would kill myself.


    • dede


    • John S

      no you wouldnt.

  • TV

    hmm…..if they know that the attacker was a homeless man, then they pretty much narrow down the number of suspects……Did any one get arrested yet? Where is his picture? If not, then this article is a piece of bad written news…..

  • Sundiii

    This could never happen if we had built 100-story TOWER cities connected to mag-lev Trains (end the wage slave system).

  • J

    Excute these criminal already.

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