San Quentin Inmate’s Lawyers Blame Politics For Execution Decision

SAN QUENTIN (AP) – Lawyers for death row inmate Albert Greenwood Brown point to election-year politics as the reason their client was suddenly scheduled for a lethal injection this week after a five-year execution hiatus in the state.

California Attorney General Jerry Brown, the Democratic nominee for governor, is locked in a tight election duel with Republican Meg Whitman. The inmate’s lawyers argue execution is a way for Brown to woo fence-sitting voters who favor the death penalty.

A spokeswoman for the attorney general denied the charges and said Jerry Brown had nothing to do with setting the execution date.

Albert Greenwood Brown was sentenced to death for raping and killing a 15-year-old Riverside County school girl.

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  • jimthetruth

    The lawyers for that piece of garbage should be executed with him! Anyone that would stand up for a child rapist-murderer should burn in hell with him!!!

  • Jou Baur

    And what exactly is wrong with killing this murderer?

    He murdered a 15 year old girl and has lived all these extra years that he took from her and now it’s somehow wrong to legally kill him?

    There’s something wrong with this picture.

  • Bloodhounds

    Bring on the injections and clean out death row! Make room for the next batch and keep going! Justice for all!

  • california

    bring back the electric chair

  • jeff

    Would be nice if we could do all of death row in a mass lethal injection. save time and tax dollars if i where governor. RIP low life

  • Oilman79707

    And we are suppose to feel sorry for him ? Tell me why. The death penalty may not discourage other murderers but for certain this individual will never kill anyone else.

  • Sundiii

    Making evil shows by TV, movies, books, etc caused all the crimes because it “creates JOBS.”

    Read Third World Traveler to learn all about capitalism.

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