OAKLAND (BCN/KCBS) – A 6-year-old girl was shot in her Oakland home early Tuesday morning by shots fired from outside the house, police said.

KCBS Holly Quan Reports:

Officers responded to reports of a shooting in the 1600 block of Seminary Avenue near East 16th Street at 2:16 a.m.

The girl, identified as Leslie Ramirez, was sleeping in her home when one or more people opened fire.

One bullet hit the girl’s arm and traveled into her chest, but her vital organs aren’t affected and her injuries aren’t life-threatening, Oakland Officer Jeff Thomason said. Karen, Leslie’s older sister, also said  Leslie was bleeding badly when paramedics arrived.

“We were all sleeping and I heard a lot of gunshots and then I woke up and I heard my mom crying and screaming and then she had my little sister,” she described the scene.

Before leaving in the ambulance, the injured girl begged her mother to move. “She was crying, she said we needed to move out,” Karen said of her sister’s pleas. “She didn’t want to come back here anymore.” No one else was injured.

Oakland deputy police chiefs Jeffrey Israel and Eric Breshears visited the girl at Children’s Hospital Oakland and reported that she is shaken up by the shooting but otherwise is doing well under the circumstances and is expected to recover…

Thomason said police are investigating reports that the girl’s older brother may have been the target of the shooting and that there have been other shootings in the area recently that might be related.

Karen agreed that the gunfire was meant for their 18-year-old brother. She added that Tuesday actually marked the third time her family’s home was sprayed with bullets since moving in a year ago.

Investigators are re-interviewing witnesses and following up on leads. They hope to have more information late Tuesday, Thomason said.

Comments (9)
  1. asdfdsfas says:

    How horrible…

  2. dan says:

    unruly oakland needs marshal law…

  3. joe says:

    Just another normal day in oakland.

  4. oroyce says:

    Efforts to ban gun sales result in no guns for law abiding citizens, leaving all sales to those who should not have guns.

  5. Big D says:

    A shooting in Oakland??? An innocent child gets shot??? What’s unusual about that?

  6. Jessica says:

    Parents, teach your children well. Obviously, the parents of the shooter failed in teaching moral responsibility. Too bad. Now we all have to live with their stupidity.

  7. monkey101 says:

    “oroyce” believes that a child being shot is evidence that america needs more guns. congrats, that’s almost perfectly stupid.

  8. tn says:

    Sadly, this is not news. This is business as usual in the city of Oakland. The mayor will probably make a cameo and call for more community involvement while he disappears from public view and cashes his paycheck. Prayers to the child and her family.

  9. Michele Offord says:

    I would never raise my kids in Oakland so I endure the long commute everyday from Brentwood with no worries about my kids safety….

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