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San Jose Woman Suspected In Series Of Car Vandalizations

SAN JOSE (AP) – A San Jose woman has been arrested for the seventh time in the past three months, accused of vandalizing luxury vehicles in Alameda and Santa Clara counties.

San Jose police arrested 30-year-old Nancy Chi Ni on Saturday after she allegedly vandalized a BMW 335, a Honda CRV and a Mercedes-Benz E-320 at Westfield Valley Fair mall.

Police spokesman Officer Jose Garcia says was Ni booked into the Santa Clara county jail on suspicion of three counts of vandalism and one count of committing a felony while out on bail. The San Jose Mercury News reports Ni had previously bonded out following an arrest for a similar offense.

Sheriff’s officials says Ni is being held on $1 million bail.

Attorneys representing her did not return messages or declined to comment.

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  • tn

    After watching and listening to the video clip, her name should be “Nancy Chi Ni Ho.” I wonder who does her eyebrows?

  • Alfred E, Newman

    Her Eyebrows make her look mad.

  • Suzie Place

    “Getting revenge on a prostitution client who stiffed me” is a great ploy to intimidate victims into silence. Who wants to be accused of visiting a prostitute?

    I’ve worked in the prostitution business for years, and I’ve never heard of anyone keying a client for revenge. Besides, I doubt if Nancy Chi Ni had dozens of clients who stiffed her—prostitution operations just don’t work that way.

    Did Nancy Chi Ni follow her “clients” to these shopping malls?
    Did the victims report any other type of harassment?
    Is Nancy Chi Ni a citizen of the U.S., or is she a foreign national?

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  • Tom

    Between June and September 16 of 2010, she was arrested 6 times on 11 counts of felony vandalism. Two additional cases were pending as of September, along with one count of battery. Add the recent cases. Release her and then what?

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