WALNUT CREEK (KCBS) – Some women living in an apartment complex in unincorporated Walnut Creek say they feel like captives in their own homes after a  fifth woman was attacked at a complex that has been plagued by rapes and attempted sexual assaults since June.

Sheriff’s deputies responded to a reported assault at the Park Regency apartment complex on the 3100 block of Oak Road in unincorporated Walnut Creek on Saturday evening, according to Jimmy Lee, a spokesman for the sheriff’s office.

The victim, a 43-year-old resident of the complex, was leaving her apartment when she was grabbed from behind by the suspect, who tried to force her back into her home, Lee said. The woman struggled with her attacker and was able to run away from the suspect, but fell down some stairs when she fled, Lee said. Lee added that the suspect had fled the scene when deputies arrived.

Melody Payne, who lives a few doors down from the victim, says she has been having anxiety attacks every day, and would like to get out of her lease, but apartment management won’t let her. Another tenant, Whitney Baca, who’s lived at the Park Regency for four years says she’s thinking about buying pepper spray, but she’s not sure how to use it.

“It’s just disgusting that I can’t come to my own home and feel safe,” Baca said.

The suspect in Saturday’s attack is described as a white man who is approximately 5 feet 9 inches tall and has a medium build, brown hair, and facial hair, Lee said. He was wearing black jeans, a black t-shirt, and a black baseball cap, Lee said.

Lee said it is unknown if this man is the same suspect that is being sought for another attack in the gated Park Regency complex that occurred on September 16 in which a 27-year-old resident was sexually assaulted inside her apartment.

The suspect in the September attack was described as a white male between 20 and 30 years old who was 6 feet tall and had a full beard, according to deputies.

Three other sexual assaults took place at this apartment complex on June 30, July 6, and August 10 of this year. Two of the victimized women in those attacks were able to fend off their assailant by fighting back, but one 23-year-old woman was raped inside her home.

The sheriff’s office arrested a man suspected of committing the attacks, 22-year-old Antonio Andre Mouton of Berkeley, on August 10. They have said DNA evidence links Mouton to all of the first three attacks.

On August 26, Mouton pleaded not guilty to the one count of rape, two counts of attempted rape, and three counts of burglary with which he is charged and which could land him in prison for 25 years to life, according to the Contra Costa County district attorney’s office.

Anyone with information about Saturday’s attempted assault at the apartment complex is encouraged to call the Office of the Sheriff at (925) 646-2441.

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Comments (8)
  1. John S says:

    With all of these crimes committed at this complex, why hasn’t anyone taken the initiative to install survalence equipment that would help to catch the criminal(s) and put them away? Somebody needs to be held accountable for these crimes continually being committed.

  2. fifi says:

    How is he entering a gated complex? Does he reside there? Or live nearby? Does he work there? Perhaps a security guard? His he an aquintance with the property managers? This creep somehow has access.

  3. Tim says:

    I lived in this complex up until about three weeks ago. I also lived in building #10 where two of the incidents occurred. The first problem is the media needs to stop reporting that the complex has increased security and that this is a gated community. This is not a gated community anyone can simply walk right in to the complex, although it is gated for cars, anyone can simply sit behind another car that is pulling and wait for the gate to open. Management will state they have “upped” security but it literally is 2 people that stand at the front gate on their cell phone. While there is no security guard at the back gate. Why do our media outlets continue to report this while they clearly have not upped security if women are continually raped here. Management is a joke and has no respect, emotion, or sympathy for the individual’s lives they continue to put at risk everyday while they sit back and watch their own residents get raped.

  4. Jib jab says:

    What makes these idiots bthink they deserve more security at the expense of the apartment operators? Isn’t that what the Police do. Just heard some guy saying he lives there and he’s gonna contact his attorney. Hey tool if you can afford an attorney why are you living in an apartment?

  5. 2nd CCW says:

    Time to wake up and realize the police will not help you. They will catch the guy once 3-4 more women are hurt. Get a gun, a knife, taser, or pepper spray and take a class on how to defend your self. Be empowered and don’t become another statistic waiting for the police.

  6. r white says:

    Shame on the owners of that complex….not enough was done to protect those women. Do right by the persons that live there, put in better security. That could have been one of your daughters.

  7. CALIFORNIA says:

    this is horrid….no security on grounds/…even after what has happened….too coldblooded and heartless..shame on you..manegers aND OWNERS…

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