HAYWARD (BCN) – Six students were arrested at Hayward High School following a series of skirmishes on the campus Tuesday, a police lieutenant said.

Police received a report at 11:58 a.m. of a flurry of fights that broke out during a lunch break at the school, located at 1633 East Ave., police Lt. Roger Keener said.

The incident began when the Hayward police school resource officer assigned to Hayward High School responded to a fight between a male and female student.

As the two students were separated, another fight broke out in the same area between two female students, Keener said.

As the officer stepped in to stop that fight, a male student tried to punch the officer. Several smaller altercations ensued, prompting the officer to ask for assistance from other officers.

Hayward police, Alameda County sheriff’s deputies and d, some on suspicion of fighting on school grounds and others for interfering with police, Keener said.

No weapons were reported in any of the fights, and no one was seriously injured, he said.

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  1. Heathcliff Duncan says:

    Wow just like in prison. Thanks California for the great schools.

  2. redrazor says:

    Who’s the “Warden” at this school? I think it’s time for a “lock-down” and removal of TV time, etc. It’s too bad our schools have gotten so bad that they need an “on duty officer” on campus. No such thing when I was a kid. Further evidence of our deteriorating culture. What a shame.

  3. taz says:

    we had an on campus officer at my high school in ohio. it’s a good idea when you think about columbine and things like that. what’s ridiculous is that evidently none of the staff stepped in to assist the officer or to break up the fights.

  4. justin sosa says:

    well when a bunch of students have grudges on one another, they will argue, fight etc. its normal. but what i don’t understand that i proposed to my principal “George Bullis” that it would be better to have organized fighting other than police involved and complete violence. But some people just don’t realize. I am a junior at Hayward High School. my name is justin sosa. email: bubba.sosa1@yahoo.com

  5. Nancy Grace says:


    1. Sarita NAVA says:

      Please efer to http://www.samuelnavaiii.com
      This fight happened on the day i buried my 17 year old son.
      Thank you!
      I look forward to hearing from you soon.
      Sarita R. Nava

  6. Yous says:

    Well this is kinda what I expected from this school, seeing as how I go there. Everyday they have cop cars parked on campus with shotguns on the rack and everything. This incident is actually the reason we can’t wear red or blue anymore. Which i find strange because i don’t think that’s what the fight was about. I laughed at the guy who was flipping off the camera though, that was pretty funny.

  7. JOSEPH says:

    this just puts a bad name on hayward high ……… where were the helicopters and news reporters when hayward high had there traditional ” DOWN TOWN RALLY. ” i am a freshman a hayward high school.

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