Jerry Brown sees himself as a regular guy who buys his suits on sale, drives around in a Ford Crown Victoria and enjoys dinner at home with his wife.

What he wants Californians to see past is the Jerry Brown of three decades ago who was derisively dubbed “Governor Moonbeam.”

The 72-year-old Democrat, locked in a close race with Republican Meg Whitman for governor, is determined to project an everyman image. It’s far cry from the eccentric Californian who romanced singer Linda Ronstadt along with a few other Hollywood actresses, recited poetry on the campaign trail and moved to Japan to study in a Buddhist monastery.

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  1. Big G says:

    Nobody believes he has changed. He just needs to go away. Wants us to believe he is not indebted to anybody & that he is the man for the job!!! He is not your everyday guy, never has been, never will be!!! Just take your over padded pension & go home to your wife full-time!!!

    1. El Marr says:

      We are in need of a positive attitude to change politics of the GOP in CA, not malice born of yesterday. As the addage goes: “If you do not have anyting good to sayg, say noting>”

  2. father goose says:

    What the hell neither of them give a rats ass about the people. There should be anoyher squair on the ballet none of the above

  3. NRA Life Member says:

    He wants to be an “everyman”? Well, I got news for ya, Moonbeam – “everyman” can’t successfully run the state of California. It will take someone with exceptional skill and talent to fix California. I’m not sure if any of the other candidates has it, but I am sure that you don’t! Your legacy proves it: You’ve been there before – taxes increased, violence increased, defecit increased, education system declined. You’ll only bring more of the same. Just retire already and give someone else a shot.

  4. Mike and friends says:

    We love you Jerry !

  5. Steve Trujillo says:

    Meg Whitman needs to go away. I will proudly vote for Jerry Brown.

    1. Robert Free says:

      Hi I am going to Vote for Jerry Brown i know he can get California moving on the right track. And Make our schools the best in the country. Robert Free

  6. augie says:

    Jerry is cool I beleive what he says. Has experiance and knoledge.

  7. jan and friends says:

    We need to get this state under control. The same old politicians are
    the problem, not the solution. I am willing to try Meg Whitman because
    she offers change and has actually run a business, something Jerry
    has never done. We need jobs, not more payoffs and deals behind
    the scene. We are broke; face it. Hope and change has not worked.
    Get a clue, people.

  8. oldfart says:

    Brown is just another career politician, who never held a private sector job, completely out of touch with the voters, and reality .

    At 72 he should retire, collect his pension , stop living in the 70’s and make way for new ideas. HiIs ideas of governing are old ideas that did not work in the past and will not work in the future,

    California needs to learn from its mistakes, and not to repeat them by re-electing the same old ineffective politicians that got us into this mess.

  9. whathappened says:

    Here is the story If you are Illegal, gov employee, criminal, nurse school teacher cop lawyer welfare queen or contractor building for the Gov vote democratic they will take our money and give it to you. If not vote republican

  10. LivinLarge says:

    Meg Whitman = Arnold Schwarzenegger = More of the same.
    Meg Whitman is touting the same “I’ll create jobs, build a better
    Caleefornia, I’m a business person, yadda, yadda, yadda”
    that Arnold touted back in 2004. You people have short
    memories. Vote for Jerry.

    1. JRHOGLUND says:


  11. Joe Preston says:

    The solution to our huge state problems is really not about Jerry or Meg. The Californian voters need to GROW UP and stop acting like children by treating the governor like their rich daddy/mommy who should fix everything and make them happy. We demand benefits and lifestyles like spoiled children and then after the state tries to satisfy our demands and gets into debt over it, we complain about the debt. Getting into office and acting in that office is all dependent on the voters. So if you don’t like our debt, how about asking for less and doing with less?

  12. pete sweet says:



  13. Robert says:

    Did Jerry Brown’s decades of public service in elected office make him a billionaire?

    And what does Meg Whitman have that Governor Schwarzenegger does not have? A few dollars more is all, and she lacks the political experience, deep ties to the party and appealing personality of our failed Governator. So, she believes she can buy her way past those three strikes, but the voters are about to send her to the locker room.

  14. David J. says:

    Miss Whitman was so busy and or so satisfied with the system that she couldn’t even vote by mail.
    Mr Brown was another career politician with “little” to show except to pick up a check at the trough
    I wonder why we can’t have another viable party ;or a another box to check “none of the above” to show our frustration.

  15. Anthony says:

    thank you for pointing out the reality of things. we need to take care of our communities needs ourselves not as the gov to do it but reach out to our neoghbors in need.

  16. alan avakian says:

    Jerry, smile once in a while

  17. Alan Cabal says:

    How did Meg Whitman get her face on the one-dollar bill?

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