OAKLAND (CBS/AP) – An American hiker recently freed by Iran says she’s still haunted by images of her fiance and friend remaining confined in a cramped jail cell.

In her first public appearance in the San Francisco Bay area since being released last month by Iranian authorities, Sara Shourd called on Iranian officials to show compassion and release her fiancee, Shane Bauer, and friend, Josh Fattal.

Shourd spoke at friend’s home in Oakland Saturday, where she and supporters were writing letters of support to Bauer and Fattal.

The three University of California, Berkeley graduates were near the Iran-Iraq border in July 2009 when they were arrested by Iranian authorities. They were accused of illegally crossing the border and spying.

Shourd has denied Iran’s allegations and says the three were just hiking through a scenic area during a vacation.

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Comments (7)
  1. Victor says:

    When will the U.S. and Iran get along?

  2. lone wolf says:

    So who in their right mind goes hiking in a country we are at war with? Maybe they are spies!

  3. Reasonable Person says:

    Please quit showing this loser’s “story”. She is not a hero, she is not a victim, she and her friends were idiots for voluntarily going to a war torn country to go “hiking”. She was lucky nothing worse happened to them.

  4. Winnie says:

    Maybe Ling and Lee can join her for their next hike in Afghanistan. At least these worthless media hounds could provide our troops with some mine clearing.

  5. sherrikazlauskas says:

    omg what if this was your kid who made a stupid mistake or stepped over the line? not like they have signs saying alameda county….so grow up you morons or are you even adults?

  6. JustTheFactsJack says:

    A stupid mistake? This isn’t putting your underwear on backwards. These three, supposedly educated, kids went hiking in a war zone. How dumb can you be. I’m tired of seeing these dumb ass kids treated like they made an “honest” mistake. Wanna go hiking, try Yosemite!

    They should all be shot or hung!

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