SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) – The Bay Area is watching the new Eastern Span of the Bay Bridge go up piece by piece, but there will be parts that won’t be stamped “Made in America.” In this Good Question: Why are portions of the new Bay Bridge being made in China?

ANSWER: According to Bart Ney of Caltrans, some steel components had to be made in China because there is not a facility large enough in the United States to build certain sections. It would have cost an extra $400 million to build a facility here and the project would have been delayed by several years.

Ney said 75 percent of the new bridge project is being built with steel made in the U.S.

Our video report has more.

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Comments (4)
  1. Patric Andorfer says:

    money, EPA, – We have steel workers in the mid-west starving to death yet we pick a construction that planned on buying cheaper substandard steel. Its already been rejected for being under the minimum standard and re-welded. As far as I am concern SF to treasure Island, Oakland and parts north – I’ll stick to 92

  2. Jason says:

    $400 Million to build a facility here ? Sounds like a lot of jobs and considering the price tag has went from 1.5 to over 6 billion already. Plus, maybe if we had the capacity to do a porject like this MAYBE pther countres would send us work. Sounds too simple doesn’t it…yes our country is a mess..

  3. cheap as crabs says:

    I’m with Patric, I’ll stick to 92 or 101.

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