SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) — The early bird might get the worm, but the early garbage truck wakes the neighborhood. Carl Seike in San Mateo asked this Good Question: Why do garbage companies pick up trash early in the morning?

Our video report has more.

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Comments (8)
  1. Walt Landers says:

    The dark shadow stumbled, pushed against a black BMW, then, cursing, staggered glassy eyed with halting, burping steps to the fiercely glowing light of the front door. The receptionist could not believe her eyes as the whiskery, pantless derelict mumbled a good morning.
    “Oh no..”she thought.” .Kessler…off the wagon again. “
    He dragged himself to the elevator and seemed to forget that he had to push the up button. Then his wavery hand shot up, did circles around the button, and pushed with all his body weight…

    Okay, I made up the scenerio; yet the mystery of the Missing Kessler hangs in the air. All inquiries are met with a blank stare, as though saying…”who?” If the news director does not realize the pillowy vacuum he has left by letting John go, then this prissy entity needs to reevaluate his competence. It is not, repeat, not the same without John Kessler. He is big. He delights the world. His impact can cause mountains to crumble. Get him back. Immediately.
    Walt Landers and the entire population of cbsville.

  2. Paul says:

    The Garbage Trucks come early because the Ice Man came early,The Milkman
    came early,The Postman came early,The Groceryman came early.

  3. Manowar says:

    When I worked for the garbage company in Oregon, we went early so we could get off work early…..

  4. Kathy says:

    Step up and tell people what the heck happened to John Kessler. Be adult about this.

  5. Joe says:

    Where is JOHN KESSLER? ThAT IS THE ONLY reason i watched channel 5 now i watehr channell 11 where is he, please explain????? I miss him Kim

  6. Joanne says:

    What happened to John Kessler? I can’t watch your local morning news — nor can I watch your national CBS Early Show with your new staff on that news show – The national OLD EARLY SHOW had a staff that was intelligent, genuine, and calming to start the day. You had a range of age, gender etc. I was happy when Julie left and she is excellent with her ‘THE TALK’ show. She seems more genuine and relaxed – yet in charge there. THE OLD EARLY SHOW was at its BEST at that time. So what happened to the entire OLD EARLY SHOW NEWS STAFF?

  7. lisa fraga-ramos says:

    why do tax payers have to pay for prisoners that have commited crimes against us, who decided this? they rape, kill and steal from us and we house them, we feed them, we give them clothe, medical and dental, they don’t work, they work out. we have so many people out here that have nothing.
    lisa fraga-ramos

  8. lisa fraga-ramos says:

    why are you not answering my question

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