(KCBS) – Almost 75,000 people in San Francisco signed the initiative petition that put Proposition G on the ballot, which is a sign of dissatisfaction with Muni in general and Muni operators in particular.

San Francisco Supervisor Sean Elsbernd’s “Fix Muni Now” initiative targets Muni operators’ salaries, which are by law the second highest in the nation, along with work rules that are often blamed for skyrocketing costs and service problems.

KCBS’ Barbara Taylor Reports

“It’s a question of fairness, and this year is the perfect example because fares went up and service was cut, all the while drivers received a 5.5 percent pay raise,” said Elsbernd.

Transport workers union secretary/treasurer Walter Scott says blame belongs at the front office, not in the bus yard.

“When did it become the operators’ responsibility to balance the budget?” he asks. “Our responsibility is to take that vehicle out and drive it safely and efficiently, carrying 700,000 people around San Francisco.”

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Comments (3)
  1. Big G says:

    Typical response from a Union Leader. This City & ou state are being held hostage by these City & State Unions. It’s not our job to balance the budget. This is what you get when Liberal Leaders cut deals for votes with State & City unions. Only Elsbernd at City Hall gets this. In the private sector t’s everyones job to make the company better & profitable. People like Walter Scott are rotten but maybe even worse are the Politicians like Newsom, Jerry Brown, & Willie who sell out the taxpayers for Union endorsemets!!!

    1. stephen hand says:

      iii agree with the above stacment what would the democrats do with out the unions they just want to tax and spend

  2. James says:

    Elsbernd is only trying to get votes by spreading lies. If you really look at the claims of his fliers, you will find falsities on a grand scale. Typical political grandstanding.
    Everybody blames Unions without looking at the fact that you could be working 7 days a week at more then 8 hours a day without overtime (which I do anyway because of my commitment to doing the best job I can) or a decent wage. We all would be making Walmart type wages.

    Anybody that believes the politician over the common man probably trusts everything the Enquirer writes.

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