Whitman Reduces Proposed Government Job Cuts To 33,000

SACRAMENTO (AP) — A shrinking state work force has prompted Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman to revise the number of state government positions she wants to eliminate.

The former chief executive of eBay has said for a year that she wants to eliminate 40,000 state jobs, returning the work force to its level in the 2004-05 fiscal year. This week, she said that number is now 33,000, reflecting downsizing under Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Whitman is relying on information in Schwarzenegger’s revised 2010-2011 budget, which shows roughly 7,000 fewer employees on the state payroll than the year before.

She told reporters in Bakersfield about the revision on Thursday. She has said the reduction could be achieved mostly through attrition.

Unions have targeted Whitman’s proposal in campaign mailers featuring photographs of firefighters and nurses.

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  • gb

    State workers are a bunch of spoiled brats but grown up, trust me I was one.

  • working mom

    Cut more jobs, you want to save money, get rid of the aid for illegal immagrants, reduce the over head at state capitol who make over $100k yr, get rid of the bonuses, send back every illegal immigrant, have the inmates work those jobs so they can pay back resitution, cut reduce the aid that inmates get, This is a starting point.

  • Sanoran Triames

    Nurses and School Teacher and Fire Fighters, all have secured gravy trains using Unions. But Unions were meant to fight Corporations, Instead, Unions have become extortion agencies, extorting higher pay for members than they deserve.

    A ‘police chief’ with a 500,000k pension for life ? That’s where all our money is going. No trains, roads, parks, … just fat-cat union members sucking the state dry.

    I am voting for Whitman! Why ? Because I pay taxes and do not belong to Union :)

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