New West Dublin/Pleasanton BART Station Proposes Fares

PLEASANTON (KCBS) – BART’s 44th station is scheduled to open next Spring and the transit agency is now setting fares to how much it should cost to use it.

BART is proposing fares of $5.40 from the new West Dublin/Pleasanton station to Embarcadero and $4.15 from West Dublin/Pleasanton to Berkeley, among others.

Chief Spokesman for the agency, Linton Johnson, says the fares are under consideration and that the public is welcome to give their input. The board will meet at the end of the month to come to a decision on their fares.

Johnson adds that the fares to the West Dublin/Pleasanton station should be between the two stations that surround it or a little higher than fares to the Castro Valley station and little lower than fares to the Dublin Pleasanton station.

If you’re wondering about how much it will be to get to SFO that will cost a bit more too.

“We’re proposing a $10.40 fare, but remember there’s a $4 surcharge when you go to SFO,” said Johnson.

Johnson was quick to point out that a cab to SFO from the West Dublin/Pleasanton location would be much more expensive.

  • Robert S. Pierce

    West and East Dublin should be the same for both. SFO has several stations that are the same.

  • Stanley Hurd

    Why does this station even exist? It is redundant. The $80M+ cost should have gone towards BART to livermore.

  • Pete from right down the road

    If you live in Dublin/Pleasanton, you know this is a colossal waste of our money. There just isn’t any reason for iit. Why Why Why are the people in charge (of anything) so stupid.

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