VALLEJO (BCN) – Native Americans plan a peaceful protest Saturday of a proposed recreational development on what they consider a sacred burial site in Vallejo’s Glen Cove.

The Greater Vallejo Recreation District plans to demolish a 3,000-square-foot mansion and 1,000-square foot caretaker’s residence, and install picnic tables, a small restroom, a parking lot and two trails on a 15-acre site, district general manager Shane McAffee said.

Construction of the $1.2 million project has not started, but the intention is to preserve the Glen Cove Shellmound site, McAffee said.

Bradley Angel, spokesman for Greenaction, said the site is a burial ground that also contains Native American artifacts.

He said the proposed project amounts to “digging up graves and putting toilets on them.”

The Native Americans have protested at the site before. Angel said Saturday’s noontime event is a spiritual gathering and ceremony.

McAffee said the Native American groups have not yet submitted a proposal on how to resolve the issue.

“We need to know what they will accept (at the site). We’ll be happy to discuss it if they have a unified voice,” McAffee said.

Angel said the “unity proposal” will be submitted this week, but Vallejo officials broke an agreement to meet with the indigenous groups.

“We have no faith in them,” he said.

Angel said plans to “truncate” the hill are “ridiculous.”

McAffee said the shellmound will be preserved and the recreation district wants to stabilize and protect it.

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Comments (5)
  1. Max says:

    I live in Glen cove and agree with Native Americans…the park will bring in more gang bangers. Look at the park next to the Glen Cove school as an example.

  2. T Collins says:

    Why is a city proposing expenditures for a park-site? Destroying the mansion will be regretted within another ten years. The ideas proposed by the bureaucrats should be stopped. The very idea that these bureaucrats are allowed to present such ideas should be prohibited. These are the very ones who have driven the city into bankruptcy and found it justifiable to to knock off the cops. Tell everyone who the cops will be when another park site is opened and more gangs cause more murders. Who’s going to pay the patrol officers?

  3. Warriorwitch says:

    Yet another instance of the “whitemans'” inability ti laeve well – enough – alone! Even my ancecors spirits are hounded by him! Can you not even let my people’s SPIRITS rest in PEACE?!

  4. Warriorwitch says:

    Yet another instance of the “whitemans’” inability to laeve well – enough – alone! Even my ancestors spirits are hounded by him! Can you not even let my people’s SPIRITS rest in PEACE?!

  5. Sue Burnside says:

    WHY is Vallejo’s city government continuing the U.S. tradition of breaking agreements and destroying sacred grounds?
    WHY isn’t this money being used to upgrade existing parks’ grounds?
    Or, better yet, using the money to help GET VALLEJO OUT OF DEBT?

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