Father of 12-Year-Old Who Reportedly Called Pop Star Gay Slur Files Complaint Over Celeb’s Alleged Punching of the Boy

VANCOUVER (CBS) – Teen superstar Justin Bieber isn’t speaking about what happened during a game of laser tag last week. But, officials in Canada say the father of the boy he allegedly assaulted has now officially filed a complaint.

Online reports say Justin Bieber may have been the target of an anti-gay slur while playing a game of laser tag in a Vancouver suburb.

Now, Bieber is reported to be planning to speak out during a concert at Vancouver’s Rogers Arena about the kind of bullying that made headlines so recently.

Did Gay Slur Prompt Justin Bieber to Punch Boy?
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For millions of teenage girls, Bieber can do no wrong. But, CBS News correspondent Priya David Clemens remarked, the star with the squeaky clean image is now being investigated for an alleged assault on a 12-year-old boy during a heated game of laser tag.

Cpl. Annie Linteau, media relations officer of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, told reporters, “The boy sustained minimal injury as a result of the incident.”

Online reports say Bieber was cornered at a Canadian arcade by a group of boys who called him a gay slur.

Celebrity blogger Zack Taylor told CBS News, “Justin was trying to get out of the way and accidentally hit one of the kids, or bumped into one of the kids. And the kids started crying.”

Online reports say Bieber was cornered at this Canadian arcade by a group of boys who called him a gay slur.

So far, camp Bieber is keeping quiet about the incident, Clemens said. Instead he touts his concert tour, where he’s expected to make more than $20 million. His fame and fortune can put Beiber in the crosshairs for trouble.

CBS News Legal Analyst Trent Copeland said, “Even though he’s a 16-year-old boy, he’s a very wealthy 16-year-old boy and that makes him a potential target for scam artists.”

Clemens added Bieber’s music is typically about teenage love, but reports say at tonight’s concert he’s prepared to speak out against anti-gay bullying, joining a host of celebrities who have recently shared the same sentiment.

Bieber — who is not gay — could reach a lot of teens with his message.

Charles Robbins, director of The Trevor Project, a suicide hotline organization, told CBS News, “Youth really have the ability to change that landscape and having people like Justin Bieber speak out on behalf of bullying and how wrong it is can really make that change.”

Clemens added on “The Early Show” the latest online reports say there may not have been a slur at all and Bieber may have been trying to push his way out of a group of packed kids. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are continuing their investigation. No charges have been filed.

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