RICHMOND (KCBS) – A highly-disputed casino-resort project on the Richmond waterfront has cleared a major hurdle with environmentalists, who had sued to stop the development.

Environmentalists have been in litigation with the Guidiville Band of Pomo Indians and the developer of the proposed resort at Point Molate since 2004, but have finally reached an agreement to protect most of the land slated for development.

KCBS’ Dave Padilla Reports:

“We’ve worked carefully with the tribe and developers to protect the native floor, to protect three-quarters of the project as open space in perpetuity,” said Robert Cheasty, president of Citizens for East Shore Parks.

Cheasty said the agreement covers more than 180 of the 273 total acres.

Jim Levine, part of the development group Upstream Point Molate, applauded the agreement and said he is now looking to the future.

“This is a huge opportunity to create an economic engine on a very small environmental footprint,” said Levine. “That economic engine will throw off 17,000 permanent jobs.”

Opponents claim the promises of jobs and economic benefits are exaggerated. Richmond voters will cast ballots on an advisory measure on the casino.

U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein said in a statement that “the casino plan at Point Molate is wrong for the East Bay shoreline.”

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  1. jerry says:

    U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein said in a statement that “the casino plan at Point Molate is wrong for the East Bay shoreline


  2. WHY says:

    because gambling is a bad habit and in many cases an addiction/disease

  3. NO says:

    tribe will be criss crossing calif….tribe is from ukiah area…..cache creek is one of there backers……major interest….NO TO JUMPING ALL OVER CALIFORNIA…………VOTE ….NO CASINO……..NO TO JUMPING……NO….

  4. U says:

    it’s the native american’s land in the first place…let them do what they want with it…gambling is an addiction, i agree…so is smoking and drinking and it’s still legal…it’s up to the person to know when to quit. whatever reasons people have against gambling, you can always compare it to smoking or drinking.

  5. Robert Cheasty says:


    Citizens for East Shore Parks (CESP) has entered into a pioneering collaboration and Shoreline Protection Agreement that resolves our legal challenge to the development of Point Molate. The agreement covers habitat protection, funding for shoreland acquisition, and a program for waste reduction, recycling, and energy conservation.

    CESP has always focused protecting the East Bay shoreline for open space, and our original goal was to stop the project altogether. But after years of litigation and two years of negotiations, we believe this Agreement will ensure the preservation of miles of Richmond shoreline.

    More than 3/4 of the Pt. Molate open space will be preserved and protected in perpetuity.

    Buildings will be constructed solely in areas previously used by the Navy, avoid sensitive habitat areas, and be set back from the Bay to allow a continuous shoreline and trail.

    More than $48 million will become available for shoreland acquisition, habitat restoration, park creation, and recreational access, including $5 million for the Bay Trail.

    – $35 million will go into a Fund for Open Space acquisition
    – $5 million will fund design and maintenance of open space acquired.
    – $3 million will fund preparatory work for open space land acquisition and conservation easements
    – $20 million will be contributed by the Guidiville Tribe for open space acquisition provided that the full amount can be credited against the money due under the Guidiville Tribe’s Gaming Compact with the state of California.
    – $5 million will be contributed by the Guidiville Tribe to complete the shoreline Bay Trail and hillside trails. The Bay Trail will run the full length of the Point Molate shore, then continue south from the resort area to Highway 580, and eventually connect to the Richmond and Point Richmond trail areas.
    – Preservation of open space at Terminal 4 and Point San Pablo Yacht Harbor

    A non-profit organization will be set up to focus on Pt. Molate waste reduction, recycling, and energy conservation

    The Guidiville Tribe will work with local ecological experts to develop a program for the removal of invasive species and for the restoration of native plants and habitats, including restoration of offshore eel grass beds, crucial habitat for the shoreline’s abundant wildlife.

    Multiple creeks and streams within the project site will be preserved or restored, and a city tree-planting program will be implemented.

    CESP keeps the right to enforce the terms of this Agreement in the courts. The Guidiville Tribe has waived its sovereign immunity for purposes of enforcing our Agreement.

    Detailed information posted to our website

  6. John Barkus resident Richmond says:

    This very well thought out project will help improve the standard of living for many Richmond residents. It has been a long time coming that any attention has been made in this corner of the Bay . The people that live in this community have kept it together with little or no help from the outside, the people that live here are some of the most welcoming people I have ever meet. They could use an opportunity to prove their status. I give my 100%+ backing to the betterment of Richmond Ca.
    At the East end of Western Dr. the Bay Trail ends; because the fenced in property of Chevron properties begins. If you get to the end of Western Dr. you will be in the parking lot of a boat harbor . Now if you look yonder to the East you will see a long strip of land, that land is called Pt. Pinole ;it too has a dead end Bay Trail at the end(this is a Sacred Park). Now if you put a point in each of these destinations you could draw a straight line. Not unlike the Bay Tail that goes from Tiburon in Marin to Angle Island you would use a small or large ferry to get there(all year round) bikes and handicapped are always welcome. One proposal is to build an elaborate raised bike and pedestrian path through protected waterways, oil refinery smoke and fume and this elevated system would need 24 hour surveillance gated and fence with security lighting and tons of maintenance, and the cost of design and construction not to mention the drawing of new right of ways and permits in protected habitat areas will be in the cost of tens of millions of dollars.[PLAN B} Draw the straight line (put a ferry taxi structure at both ends hire a couple of boat pilots) charge a few bucks for a great ride on the bay and continue on one of most beautiful Bay Trails around today anywhere in the world. Make it Simple! USE PLAN YOU WILL BE HAPPY FOR YOUR CHOICE. Keep on grinding it out! You go where you look!

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