Nominate A Quiet Hero For A Jefferson Award


Do you know someone in your neighborhood who’s making a difference and deserves recognition? Nominate a Bay Area resident for a Jefferson Award by completing this online nomination form.


We’re frequently asked for tips on presenting the best possible nomination. Here is some advice from the selection committee:

Be detailed – that doesn’t mean be too wordy, but don’t leave out the basics of what your nominee does, and how he or she does it. Be specific about the individual’s contribution. Use examples or anecdotes.

Keep in mind, the award is geared toward recognizing individuals rather than organizations. Consider nominating the founder or leader of a group rather than an entire contingent.

Be mindful of the selection committee’s guiding principles: impact, inspiration, sustainability, innovation, and need. Ask yourself how your nominee’s work relates to these core ideas and detail that in your nomination.

Do not include internet links to supporting material. The committee meets the old-fashioned way – in a discussion format. They read what you write and discuss it. They do not use computers during the meeting, so are not able to follow web links. Copy and paste any material you want to include, but make sure it relates specifically to your nominee.

Our steering committee selects the winners. (The committee meets approximately every six to eight weeks. Winners will be notified directly over the following weeks. If a nominee is not selected, the nominator will receive a note letting them know.)

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One Comment

  1. Mike says:

    I know someone

    1. CBS 5 says:

      Mike – please use the link above – we look forward to seeing the nomination!

  2. Katherine Williamson says:

    I can’t access the for for nominating the someone for the Jefferson Awards.

    1. Stephanie John says:

      Katherine, it should launch an email with the form embedded. Some email programs block the form. If you’d like us to email you one directly, send an email to Thanks! CBS 5

    2. Theresa Miller says:

      Thank you!

  3. Robert Vasquez says:

    My name is Robert Vasquez. The person that I’d like to nominate for the Jefferson Award is my soul mate ; Miss Cristina Atilano. Cristina is a single parent who has three children of here own. She also has a nephew and a niece who reside with her and her mother who is at the beginning stages of Alzhiemers. About two years ago her sister passed and Cristina took on the responsibility of raising three of her sisters children. Every morning like any red blooded american, Cristina wakes up, and makes sure the two boys are up and ready for school. Then she heads out the door herself to a full days work. She comes home and prepares dinner with the help of her girls (if their home) if not by herself.
    Every year around this time, she takes the boys to do volunteer work for food banks or food kitchens in San Francisco which feed the homeless. she does this to remind the children that “yeah we have it a little rough and we struggle to make ends meet, but many people out there dont even have what we have”
    Cristina is always willing to help someone in need whether its a family member or not and for this I feel she should be nominated to receive the Jefferson Award.
    Thank You, Robert Vasquez

    1. Stephanie John says:

      Robert, to nominate Cristina, click ‘SUBMIT A NOMINATION” above. That should launch an email with the form embedded. Some email programs block the form. If you have any trouble, send an email directly to Good luck! – CBS 5

  4. Ed Kilgore says:

    My name is Ed Kilgore and I would like to nominate Jim Fitzgerald for the Jefferson Award. Jim is the site co-ordinator for Christmas Cheer in the Petaluma area. Christmas Cheer does not have a permanate location so Jim keeps in contact with local realtors for afree location that will handle about 700 boxes of food and 1200 or more bags of toys. He also sets up the phone lines, and gets all of the equipment out of storage and gets it into storage when Christmas is over. Christmas Cheer is an all volunteer organization and requires a lot of co-ordinating in a short time to make it all come together which Jim manages to do without fail. If needed his phone number is 707 781 0885

  5. CBS5 says:

    Ed, use the link above to get the nomination form. The selection committee doesn’t take nominations from the comment areas. Thanks!

  6. Rudy Martin says:

    I saw clip about a person that was about to embark on a cross-country trip on a bicycle to earn money or interest for something or other.
    I Well I have a very dear friend that has done this four times. One trip he even took his eldest son. Larry Fredrick does this to encourge blood donations.
    Larry is a retired Oakland Police Officer and was my partner when he was a Motorcycle Officer.
    Larry lives in Santa Rosa. He was struck by a car back in 1983. The first night it took 57 units of blood just to keep him alive. Several bones were broken and a lot of skin tissue is still missing. He has to wear a special shoe just to walk
    Larry has never ased for or received any kind of recognition for his selfless acts.
    His first trip was via Los Angles so he could look-up the surgeon that saved his life. He wanted to say thank you, go figure a man on a bike w/o a siatic nerve in his legs and he does what I have described.
    Larry has tons of photos from these trips((you don’t usualy see him w/o a camera).
    I just think its time Larry Fredrick get some recognition for what he does.
    Thanks, Rudy Martin

  7. Stephanie John, CBS 5 says:

    Rudy, to nominate Larry, click ‘SUBMIT A NOMINATION” above. That should launch an email with the form embedded. Some email programs block the form. If you have any trouble, send an email directly to Good luck! – CBS 5

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