Hayward Teen Found Dead After Twin Brother Attempts Suicide

HAYWARD (AP) – A search-and-rescue team located a body believed to be that of a 15-year-old Hayward boy whose twin brother had to be subdued a day earlier.

KCBS’ Bob Melrose Reports:

The San Francisco Chronicle reported the team discovered the body at about 8 a.m. Wednesday in a ravine behind Hayward High School.

Alameda County sheriff’s Sgt. J.D. Nelson tells the Chronicle the body did not appear to have been in the ravine for long. The body was not positively identified.

The apparent victim’s twin brother had been found in a home Tuesday amid a report of a burglary in progress. Nelson says the boy had slashed himself with a knife, tried to fill the home with gas and asked deputies to kill him.

The twins’ names had not been released.

An autopsy was planned.

  • paul

    Where are the parents

  • s

    wOW SO SAD. This hits home I have 2 twin teen sons

  • sweety

    Psycho twins. Scary. They should not be running around the streets. Where the heck are the parents??

  • JMAY

    These teens need Jesus!!!

  • kuuipo

    @paul & sweety have some class will u this is vey heartbreaking

  • sad

    they had the best parents ever and they wor berry good boys so please save the bad comments

  • kuuipo

    @sad i totally agree with you

  • Carmen Davis

    very good boys? Why were they not in school, instead of doing a burgulary. I will now go hug my very good children that never performed a burgulary, or were never in trouble…..

    • kuuipo

      carmen have some respect for this family !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      karma will kick u in the butt later

    • Shocked

      They werent burglarizing the home so if you dont know the facts dont speculate! It seemed like a burglary because it was the first home he ran into in attempt to kill himself! To all the ppl with negative comments take a minute to think what you would do if it was your children or child in that situation. You have no idea if they were suffering from an illness or if something tragic had occurred in their lives. So please think twice before posting comments!

  • Gely

    1. They had the BEST parents EVER who where desperately looking for them since they became aware that they did not show up at school.
    2. Reporters blow everything out of proportion, he was not stealing anything.
    3. I agree with kuuipo, you should be ashamed of your self Carmen, your a mother, I hope you never have to go through the pain we have right now.

  • songstress411

    These children were troubled and one was looking desperately for a way to die that would not involve him personally ending his own life. He was trying to burn himself up in the house and then begged the police to kill him while lunging at them with the knife. This was not a case of bad kids. Get the facts before you make a comment.

    • kuuipo316

      how do you know !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      do u know the family personally like i do

      • songstress411

        I know the person that stopped him from stabbing himself.

      • songstress411

        This is a tragedy and I feel so badly for the family. My prayers are with them. No one ever knows when something like this will hit close to home so everyone should be sweet to each other.

  • MMM

    its so sad that some cant just show some compassion for them and their family. my brother went to school w them and was shocked when he heard. he and many more are struggling to understand why this took place! be careful about judgeing people cause this could happen to anyone! to the family im soooo sorry for your loss!

  • sad

    thanks every one for the good comments and those who dont have nothing good to say i hop you or you family dont ever have to go tru what our family is goin tru.

  • kuuipo316

    i totally agree with sad and others
    if you don’t have nothing nice to msay keep your mouths shut and negative comments to yourself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my niece has know these 2 brothers since kindergarden and since this has happened she has not been herself and attends counsling !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am the first person she called being i am a funeral director do you know how hard it was for me to deal with this situation with her
    but i did it and got her the help and counsling she needed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    so people stop being so fuggin negative will you

  • Friend

    It’s so sad the people have no respect for other people pain,I know this family for more than 30 years , I know the mother since she was a kid, they are a great parents and great people, grand parent are also a great people they come from a great family and is always there for anyone that needs their help without expecting anything on return, I know that for fact . all these people making negative comments please save you poison and show some respect.

    • kuuipo

      @ friend that was my point i was making
      negativity grows on u after a while
      i always say karma will bite u in the a** later in life
      maybe these people haven’t learned from their parents @ a young age to keep their negativity comments to themselves !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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