MOSS LANDING (CBS/AP) – A wildlife rescue group said beer can chokers worn by at least three seagulls from San Francisco to Half Moon Bay are no joke—and no accident.

Now, Moss Landing-based WildRescue is hoping to raise $3,500 to buy a high-tech piece of equipment called a Coda Netlauncher to help the birds, and said they’re pretty much at a loss without it.

WildRescue director Rebecca Dmytryk said members of her group spotted one of the birds over the weekend, but couldn’t catch it. Dmytryk urged the public not to try catching the birds, either.

Dmytryk urged people to report sightings via e-mail to or by calling: 831-429-2323.

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  1. NRA Life Member says:

    Please, give me a break! If “highly trained” wildlife rescue people need highly specialized equipment to catch a seagull, how did “Budweiser Man” put “collars” on the seagull? How is that possible? Do you think he has some psychic power over seagulls that allows him to pick them up? Seagulls live in and around landfills. They are scavengers, essentially rats with wings. They will stick their heads in cans, jars, bags or anywhere else where there may be food.

    This reminds me of the sea lion with the fishing line around its neck. No one suggested that someone caught the sea lion and wrapped the fishing line around its neck. Remember animals getting stuck in the plastic six-pack rings? Hell, even Winnie the Pooh got his head stuck in a honey jar. Animals do these sort of things. Humans are only responsible for the garbage part of this equation.

    1. NoAccident says:

      To NRA Life Member, first, give ME a break with that sign in name.

      Some people, apparently you (“rats with wings”) don’t like gulls and some go so far as to do things intentionally to harm them and others they perceive as “pests” or nuisance animals. They also do things unintentionally which harm them as you suggested, like drop trash Everywhere.

      Gulls ARE scavengers and they DO get into things humans discard. And all kinds of animals STILL get stuck in six pack rings while foraging for food. What you aren’t taking in to account is that at least three birds, all seen in the Bay Area, have been spotted with halved Budweiser cans around their necks. Some A-hole figured out a way to catch them. The odds just aren’t in favor of this being an accident.

  2. Human Bean says:

    How often do people CUT BEER CANS IN HALF before tossing them in the trash, much less cut the top and/or bottom off? There is no way in Hades that a seagull would be able to stick their head through the small hole in the top of a typical beer can, so someone is doing this (bleep) on purpose, and if they’d do this to a seagull, what would they do to a human?

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