Alameda County Sheriff’s Deputy Charged With Child Molesation

SAN RAMON (AP) – An Alameda County sheriff’s deputy has been charged with molesting three children.

Michael Bareno of San Ramon was arraigned on 10 counts of child molestation on Wednesday in Contra Costa County. The 43-year-old Bareno did not enter a plea and was referred to the public defender’s office for counsel.

Bareno is accused of molesting a girl and two boys—all under the age of 10 — while off-duty between 2005 and 2009. Authorities did not reveal additional details about the case citing efforts to protect the victims’ identities.

Alameda County sheriff’s officials say Bareno, a 15-year veteran, worked in the patrol division before taking up a position at the Santa Rita Jail in Dublin. He was placed on paid administrative leave after his arrest on Friday and is being held on $4.6 million bail at Contra Costa County Jail.

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  • mscott408

    this dirt bag will not last long in prison. I former Cop and a child molester. 10 minutes tops in gen pop. tops.

    • Josh

      If he is convicted, he won’t be in general population…

  • Henry

    We should take him to the range for practice.

  • Mad Mike

    Why are we paying for this guys lawyer? You telling me a sheriffs deputy has no money? Puh-leeze! These guys can pull in six figures with overtime….

    • Josh

      The public defender is a right granted to everyone by the 6th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. You still have to pay for a public defender…it just doesn’t cost as much as a retained lawyer.

  • CMV

    what country do all of you live in?
    he is innocent until proven guilty. remember that.

  • Ellie

    CMV: but it’s so much more fun to jump to conclusions and go with guilty until proven innocent….. I agree with you on that count, but people arent going to take that into account when reacting to news stories. Thats why jurors go through so much questioning and arent allowed to read the newspaper/internet or watch any videos about the subject.

  • Horatio

    I worked with mike many years ago when he was a paramedic. he was a really good medic and a good man. By all counts a man of solid character. I find these accusations highly suspicious and very difficult to believe. Don’t be so quick to judge someone before their day in court. Guess what: innocent people are sometimes on the receiving end of accusations.

  • katrina b

    Thank you Horatio

  • Deana R. Cox

    I thought Law Enforcement was supposed to Protect and Serve… This makes it harder for parents to even trust police to protect the most innocent of us All Our Children…. I wonder how long he has been abusing children??? He should be locked up and never let out.. I think any and all Sex offenders should be locked up and never released… and if they have to be released then they should be equipped with a GPS chip to keep track of where they are AT ALL TIMES! that would help with those who fail to register and then we can get them back behind bars before they can harm anyone else again.

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