Good Question: How Is Bay Area Crab Fishing Different Than Alaska?

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) – Most of us know a little about crab fishing, even if it’s from just watching “Deadliest Catch.” Paul asked this Good Question: Why are Bay Area crab pots different from the ones they use in Alaska?

ANSWER: According to crab fisherman Walt Doll, the crab pots in Alaska are larger and heavier because they have to be set deeper and for longer periods of time. Also, Alaskan king crab is larger than the local Dungeness crab harvested off the Northern California coast.

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  • louis houston

    Why do we have to pay a five cent deposit on beverages and when we recycle them , they pay by the pound and not the five cents the charge us?

  • Amy

    1. Why do people give Christmas presents? How does it get started.
    2. What is white whole wheat flour? How is it different than regular whole wheat flour?
    3. Why do they call long underwear ‘Long John’?

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