SAN JOSE (KCBS) – A new survey by a well-respected non-profit that does outreach to low-income immigrant communities in San Jose finds a severe lack of trust in police, and now outreach is underway to improve police-community relations.

Residents in low-income neighborhoods such as the Alma, and Guadalupe-Washington turned out Tuesday night to voice their frustration with unresolved public safety issues. There to listen was a police captain, along with two city council members.

KCBS’ Margie Shafer Reports:

Allison Lasser with Sacred Heart Community Service said that a recent survey of clients found that 75 percent don’t report crime, but have problems with gangs, drugs, or street fights in their neighborhoods.

”The fight against fear is a daily process,” said Lasser. “And we need a police chief who understands that, and stops blaming immigrants and marginalized communities. It’s not their fault.”

Lasser told KCBS that she would like to see a new chief who speaks Spanish, but more importantly she’d like to see one that has creative cultural awareness and community policing.

”Our understanding as an organization is that there’s a huge opportunity here,” said Lasser.

Twelve percent of the thousands surveyed claimed to have been abused by police.

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Comments (6)
  1. Born in the USA says:

    Why should the police stop blaming immigrants? We never had the gang problems like we do now before they came to this country.
    Liberalism will be the downfall of our great nation….Go Arizona!

  2. Mis informed says:

    If these non-profits were so worried about communities they’d give the Police the power they need to stamp out these problems. Oh and BTW the past chief spoke Spanish. Do ur homework and quit complaining and passing the blame. Own up, address, and tackle the tough decisions.

  3. MAD says:

    it is their fault. It’s those in that community that do not take responsibility for their children that caused the gangs to begin with. As a parent it is your responsibility to be involved with your children and raise them to be productive and not criminals. Quit blaming everyone else for your problems. Try keeping your legs closed and eventually the problem will go away.

  4. legendpiper says:

    It is really a shame that the authorties in California are sooooo intent on providing their crimiinals with a safe working environment ….by making sure their citizens are not allowed to arm themselves….that these things occur… I live where we are allowed to carry concealed weapons without any type of permitting process.. not a very safe workin environment for the perps…. as they have learned … I can walk any street here any time of day or night without concerns for my safety or life

  5. Janet Smith says:

    BORN IN THE USA should be shipped to Guantanamo for terrorism against humanity. Such comments really sicken me and weakens the real fiber of this country.

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