(KCBS) – Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s final plan to balance the California budget without raising taxes may be met with a shrug from lawmakers more concerned about how his successor, Jerry Brown, plans to tackle the problem.

On Monday, the governor will declare a fiscal state of emergency and propose billions of dollars in what his staff calls “ugly cuts” to erase the $6 billion deficit now in this year’s budget, said his deputy director of finance, H.D. Palmer.

“The proposals here he’s going to put forward next week are, by definition, going to be tough and difficult,” he said.

KCBS’ Doug Sovern Reports:

When Schwarzenegger leaves office in less than a month, Jerry Brown will have to propose a budget for the next fiscal year that already has a $19 billion deficit.

If Democratic lawmakers don’t act on the lame duck governor’s cuts, Brown could find a $25 billion deficit awaiting him when he returns to the governor’s mansion.

“The longer that we delay addressing this difficult issue, the bigger the problem’s going to be,” Palmer said.

The legislature’s record delay in approving a budget this year already cost the state $2.8 billion in lost savings that in turn required further cuts, he said.

The governor’s proposals are mathematically sound, Palmer said. The question is whether lawmakers have the political will to embrace difficult cuts.

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  1. rex says:


    1. Why on earth didn’t this “governor” do anything at all to CUT OFF ALL services to ILLEGAL ALIENS? And see to it that E-VERIFY was strictly implemented and why didn’t he call ICE when thousands of ILLEGAL ALIENS marched repeatedly throughout our state demanding AMNESTY-the DREAM ACT? Many weren’t hard to find, especially when they were ever so proudly flying their Mexican flags and flying our flags upside down and had all those signs in Spanish saying nasty things about Americans?

    2. BANKSTERS: Why weren’t they ever prosecuted for DELIBERATELY causing the Housing bubble and Derivatives Fiasclo and now QE2? Why weren’t they ever treated like MADOFF? IInstead of being handsomely and extremely generrously rewarded for their crimes and why aren’t the People just as excited about these BANKSTERS as they were for Black Friday?

    3. Why didn’t he do his part to end the Disasterous Trade laws of:
    NAFTA (N. American Free Trade Agreement)
    CAFTA (Central American Free Trade Agreement)
    GATT (General Agreement on Trade-Tarriffs)
    WTO (World Trade Organization).

    Instead of calling us “Girlymen”, he should have called himself that, for he NEVER had the character, morals and strength to do his part to see these things implemented.

    Then again, MOST of BOTH Parties lack the same character, morals and strength as well as some LAWYERS-JUDGES-“LEGAL SYSTEM” (think ZOE LOFGREN and the SPLC for starters), the CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE, Commonwealths and Depts of Labor in this state and across the nation. Even the National Dept of Labor has a HILDA SOLIS who works for ILLEGAL ALIENS and in fact has a preference for ILLEGAL ALIENS. HILDA SOLIS is clearly NOT working for LEGAL CITIZENS of this nation!

    Just think of the damage done across this nation by key people in certain positions.

    These entities work for the goal of an impending global government aka NWO (New World Order) aka 1-World Order and their own Legal Citzens be da..med (according to these monsters who “claim” to “represent us.”

    These skunks can also be probably seen at the BOHEMIAN Club/Belizean Club or Bilderberg meetings and belong to societies such as the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), the Trilateral Commission, various Jewish groups (who hold NO loyalty to this nation) and Freemasonry….Anybody belonging to any of this does NOT serve the LEGAL Citzens of this nation.

    They are beholden only to the globalist-minded BANKSTERS (Particularly the ROTHSCHILDS and Rockefellers) and corporations and again, the LEGAL CITIZENS of this nation be da..ned.

    The latest example of why I say this: TSA treats people like cattle while the present boss (NAPOLITANO) still leaves our BORDERS like WIDE-OPEN SEIVES AND still adamately refuses to enforce our Immigraiton laws. She also let the UNDIE BOMBER on the plane WITHOUT a passport and despite a warning from his father stating he was a problem.

    Then we have CHERTOFF who like NAPOLITANO also refused to secure our borders and enforce our immigration laws and we just majgically had all these CHERTOFF (Rapiscan strip-search machines) waiting in the wings just for a CONTRIVED event like the UNDIE BOMBER.

    Please expect another CONTRIVED event to pop up at a Mall, school, stadium ext and expect the F.A.S.T. machines and other Rapiscan machines to be all over the place.

    In the meantime, please consider this: Our borders are still WIDE-OPEN SEIVES and our immigration laws still aren’t enforced.

    Before I go, you should also learn about certain EMD (Electro Muscular Disruption) bracelets: They shock you and in the name of “Security” and “Terrorism,” there will be calls to use them also. There were also calls to use them on planes too, so expect these bracelets to show up as well.

    1. jon says:

      Come on Rex, you’ve posted this same tirade several times already, nobody has the answers your looking for. The country has been bought out long ago by corporate billionaires who don’t care about anything u listed, except the bank bailouts that made them richer. America is a nation of sheep, owned by pigs, and run by wolves. Neither u nor I, nor anyone, can do anything to ever change this culture of money controlling everything, unfortunately

  2. whathappened says:

    our so called leaders decided to destroy our lives to take care of the Cultural Elite, along the way they bankrupted the state. and soon they will be crying for more. The only question is do the people getting a check ffom gov have enopugh votes to destroy us

  3. Simsply Ruth says:

    There goes 1/4 of my income, the state supplement to SSI – and the limited medical care I am allowed – which does not include treatment for the episode of heart failure experienced in April nor the resultant fractured spine that my collapse left me with. After all – I am disabled, over 60- therefore, in his mind as in the minds of the party in control of Germany in the late 1930s – disposible.

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