UNION CITY (CBS 5 / BCN) — A man who is a registered sex offender was arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting a 2-year-old girl inside a store in Union City, police said Thursday.

Eugene Melendres Ramos, 36, allegedly grabbed the girl about 1 p.m. Wednesday inside a Dollar Tree discount store located at 1720 Decoto Road, according to Union City police.

The victim was with her grandmother and aunt at the store. When they went to return a ribbon to a Christmas-themed aisle, the girl walked around the aisle and out of view, and was grabbed by Ramos, police said.

Less than a minute later, the grandmother and aunt noticed the girl was missing, and found her pinned down by Ramos in the next aisle over. The girl had her pants and diaper removed and was being straddled by Ramos, who had pulled his pants and underwear down and was sexually assaulting her, according to police.

Ramos fled the store on foot and was chased by the grandmother, aunt, and several customers. A solicitor in front of the store also gave chase when he exited the building and tackled him, police said.

A Bay Area Rapid Transit police officer who happened to be nearby was flagged down by the small group holding Ramos down. He was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping, rape, sexual acts with a child, and false imprisonment, police said.

The officer who made the arrest, Kory Frost, a 28-year veteran of the BART Police Department, thanked the Good Samaritans at the store for helping detain Ramos.

“A lot of people are saying that I did a good job, and I appreciate that. But the heroes are the citizens, not me,” Frost said.

Ramos was scheduled to be arraigned Friday morning in the Fremont
Hall of Justice. He was being held at Santa Rita Jail on $350,000 bail,
according to county records.

Fremont police Lt. Kelly Musgrove said Thursday that investigators were not yet releasing details of Ramos’ prior criminal record, but according to California’s Megan’s Law website – which lists registered sexual offenders – he had previously been accused of assault with intent to commit rape, sodomy and oral copulation.

Anyone who may have witnessed the Wednesday’s sexual assault was asked by authorities to call Fremont Detective Sgt. Jared Rinetti at (510) 675-5229. People wishing to remain anonymous could call the tip line at (510) 675-5207 or e-mail tips@unioncity.org, police said.

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Comments (36)
  1. Taylor says:

    I hate hearing thins like this, I hope her rots.


  2. Again and Again says:

    Who let this POS out of jail in the first place! Just get rid of these kind of people in the first place, much cheap that way. $1.25 for a bullet and $60k per year to house these mofos…come on!

  3. AndresIniesta says:

    He deserves castration.

  4. Lexie Blue says:

    Dear Ugh, Eugene is not a hispanic name, he must be white like you, racist!
    On the other hand, it’s too sad what happened to this little girl, I hope that she gets well soon and I hope that the criminal pays.

    1. Kevin says:

      Uh, is Ramos not a Hispanic last name? That dude is definitely not white.

      1. c r says:

        U my friend are an idiot, so please refrain from breeding. Btw, look up statistics for sexual abuse and you find that caucasian males lead the waymoron. And just cause he is names ramos doesnt mean anything. Hispanics dont name thier kids something like eugene, only u inbreed redneck do.

  5. Henry says:

    Cut off his genitals and send him to Mars!!!

  6. Henry says:

    It’s a bit cheaper at .40 cents a bullet to knoggin!!!

  7. The Hunter says:

    Gosh, another Roger M. Levin

  8. A says:

    More crazy straight people.

  9. ABC says:

    Best punishment. Drizzle honey on his genitals and tie him next to an anthill until he is dead.

  10. Kevin says:

    Totally, man! I was thinking the same thing.

    1. R Caballero Sr. says:

      Ray Sr Turn that S>O>B> over to a few Marines and see what happens,nothing but a dirt bag hang him.

  11. Kevin says:

    This is truly sick and disgusting and my only consolation is that prisoners kill people like this for sport. What I can’t wrap my mind around though is why he went so far as to do this in the middle of a crowded store?? Are his perverted sexual cravings that impossible to control??

  12. vance says:

    sick… this guy is filipino.

  13. Therese says:

    who cares what race he is! He raped a child. Kill him!

  14. mozzy says:

    good thing I wasn’t there..I would have killed him!

  15. lyndon says:

    I HATE REPEAT OFFENDERS. THis man should face the death penalty. he did it once, got out, and now he did it again. there should be no mercy for people like this. i dont care what race he is.. .

  16. Jake says:

    Why are you guys even debating this guy’s race as if it mattered? Who cares if he’s White, Latino, or Filipino? SMH…seriously, guys. Any person who rapes children is a sick SOB in any case.

  17. Monica-East Bay says:

    There needs to be another PETITION, which I know will have people standing in lines worse than Black Friday to permanently rid our states of these animals…they are not human and I agree their race doesn’t matter. Sick of these pedophiles being housed, fed and given medical care off of the same families taxes they offend. Off with their frank and beans -or- off them altogether, but enough already!

  18. W says:

    I don’t understand our justice systems – why is this kind of person allowed to post bail at all??

  19. lj says:

    that man looks scary if i see him i swear to god im going to spray his eyes for sure!

  20. soleman50 says:

    Yet we elected Kamilla as the new top cop. This is why the death penalty should include predators. They never stop, they only get worse.

  21. Rita says:

    His days are limited in prison they have their own justice for this kind

  22. dj says:

    Kill him,,,hang him,,right away…

  23. Gary Steele says:

    He should have a fair trial. After which he should be turned loose in Corcoran, raped repeatedly and then torn limb from limb.

  24. B says:

    Are they seriously giving this guy a chance at BAIL? Ummm Why is he still alive again?

  25. Geneva says:

    Does it matter what racist he was think about the child my prayer go out for her and the guy should what he deserves.

  26. geneva says:

    Does it matter what racist he is lets think about the child my prayer go out for her and the guy should get what he deserves. Needs to stay in jail.

  27. tn says:

    Castration, with a hot iron, is the righteous punishment- Maybe, more sexual predators who really want help will seek help first, instead of hunting for more victims and opportunities. Until a powerful politician’s niece, grand-daughter or friend is a victim, I don’t see much happening soon.

  28. Henry says:

    Wrap his complete body in red cape and put him the center of an arena and let about three bulls practice for a day 🙂

  29. Again and Again says:

    Filipinos are NOT Asians!!!! Get that straight Filipinos! We Asians don’t have 3 different languages mixed in when we talk.

    Stop claiming to be Asians!

  30. JG says:

    Good Samaritans… meh. A store full of people and not one had the thought to go to the cutlery aisle? There should have been a _MOB_ of people ventilating this waste of life. Unfortunately, this is a statement of the overall pussification of our ‘civilized’ citizens. So many people here saying “I would have killed him!…” Doubt it.

  31. s says:

    if he was that little girl he would suffer sooooo I don’t know why he raped her

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