SAN MATEO (CBS 5/BCN) — A Caltrain vehicle hit and killed a pedestrian on the tracks at the San Mateo station Wednesday, leading to system-wide delays during the evening commute, a spokeswoman said.

Northbound train No. 155 hit a man in his 40s on the tracks near First Avenue around 3:15 p.m., Caltrain spokeswoman Christine Dunn said.

Passengers on board the train were able to get off at the station, she said.

Delays of up to 30 minutes were reported as trains single-tracked around the collision site until 5 p.m.

Trains continued to travel through the area at reduced speeds once the northbound track was opened.

San Mateo County Transit buses and BART vehicles honored Caltrain tickets during the service disruption, Dunn said.

The man was the 11th fatality on the Caltrain tracks this year, she said. Nineteen people died on the tracks last year.

Caltrain is in the process of improving rail-crossing safety in several ways, according to the agency.

The $143 million San Bruno Grade Separation Project is expected to reduce fatalities in San Bruno by elevating the Caltrain tracks above three at-grade street crossings. It will also create three pedestrian underpasses.

Caltrain is also partnering with several organizations to measure the effectiveness of suicide prevention signs. Signs on a 10-mile stretch of track between Menlo Park and Palo Alto display a hotline number that is answered and tracked by a local crisis center.

Representatives for Caltrain also conduct free rail safety presentations for groups and organizations. Information about the presentation can be obtained by calling (650) 508-7934.

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Comments (4)
  1. Jim Bulliet says:

    You can’t help stupid!

  2. Mark 2wain says:

    Lemme see. I can cross the tracks here. Nothing will happen. The crossing gate down, the lights flashing, the bell dinging, wonder what that’s all about. Hey, what’s that big air-horn sound, and that strange rumbling of the ground, must be an earthquake, oh well, you know, California, no frets. Hey, look there’s a big wall with a light on it, looks like it’s coming right at me, can’t be, ha, ha, this noise and motion, must all be a dream, ha, ha, I’ll wake up in a mo….

  3. JP says:

    Jim it’s “You can’t fix stupid” as made famous by Ron White…..
    Here’s the problem we invest too much money into protecting our idiots. We cannot help everyone , especially the ones who do not want it !
    Still tragic anytime someone loses life

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