REDWOOD CITY (KCBS / AP) — A border war is brewing that threatens to make the trip between San Francisco and San Mateo County very expensive.

Angry over a San Francisco proposal to impose a congestion toll, San Mateo County leaders are threatening to create their own toll if the city decides to charge motorists as much as $6 to cross its southern border during peak hours.

Several local San Mateo officials, including Assemblyman Jerry Hill, say they would support imposing their own toll to offset any economic losses caused by the San Francisco fee, estimated to generate up $80 million annually for the city. The officials told the San Mateo County Times that they hope the threat will convince the city to scrap the idea.

“We’re absolutely opposed to this nonsensical idea,” said Daly County City Council member David Cannepa.

KCBS’ Rebecca Corral Reports:

San Francisco supervisors were set to vote Tuesday on whether to continue studying the proposal. If approved by city and state leaders, the toll would take effect in 2015.

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Comments (18)
  1. donna hook says:

    good for san maeo, i live in san francisco and have all my life. charging a toll and this is just another crazy idea that our board of ” inept” supervisiors has come up. what a business killer. serves our supervisiors right if san mareo enacts their own.

  2. Jim says:

    San Mateo can enact their own toll for all SF cares. I don’t think many people live in SF and work in San

    1. pay attention! says:

      But we do go there from time to time even if only passing thrugh to get to San Jose and beyond. This proposed “toll” doesn’t affect only those who are commuting to work, it affects EVERYONE who uses the road during those hours!.

    2. joeblow says:

      Obviously you don’t see the traffic EVERY MORNING that leaves SF on 280 South, clogs at 380, clogs again at 92. You also probably don’t work for Visa, Oracle, Google, Genentech, or any other major companies down the Peninsula through to Silicon Valley. Business and Economics companies are in SF, but tech jobs start at SSF and move south.

    3. David says:

      Yeah? Where’s the rock YOU live under? There are PLENTY of people who live in SF and work in biotech and hi-tech along the peninsula. Start charging them $90 a week and we get the following:

      1. businesses leave the area, taking their middle class workforces with them
      2. More people telecommute to avoid the tolls. Now there are less cars on the road (the ultimate goal), but also less in toll revenue. So to make up the shortfall, the toll becomes an “all day” charge…
      3. …which now keeps people out of San Francisco on weekends.

  3. rcall_me_ishmael says:

    san mateo county will and should charge anybody using SFO (the airport) who drives in from frisco

    1. David says:

      @ishmael: Hi…that’s San Francisco’s airport, not San Mateo’s. Don’t hijack OUR airport to feed YOUR coffers.

  4. eldoradoks says:

    The toll would apply to San Francisco residents who visit the big box retailers in Colma (not to mention the cemeteries).

  5. kc says:

    I’m guessing Oakland Airport would see a rise in business and more companies might look at relocating if the vast majority have to pay toll on the bridges and then on the Freeway as well.

  6. clint says:

    David Chiu, Chu

    He is behind this, This guy is bad news people. He has already put policy in place to benefit his own family, keeping buses from using Mason street because his daughter walks that block. Joke of a man

  7. Phil says:

    SF has no compelling interest to impose obstacles to state-funded highways leading to our City, or discourage visitors to our small merchants. A congestion scheme makes sense for narrowly defined zones like Central Business Districts, but should play no role as a hindrance to our regional transportation.

  8. Have to put up with IDIOTS says:

    San Mateo County should not stoop down to the level of the IDIOTS on the SF Board of Stupidvisors.

    The IDIOTS don’t realize it but these are public roads not private roads. They do not have the right to interfere with Interstate commerce.

  9. Joe the SF Republican says:

    San Francisco needs to tear down its Social Service Empire, then it wouldn’t be so desperate for money and embarrass us with these crazy ideas to raise more. One idea that wouldn’t cost a dime to implement, yet would save us $100M plus per year is to simply extend the residency requirement for assistance from its present two weeks to one year. A way better solution than more tolls.

    1. Steve in Las Vegas NV says:

      Good idea. Also, kick all illegals off the welfare and save a pile of bucks!!

  10. Steve in Las Vegas NV says:

    What are these supervisors thinking?? A TOLL just to come to work? Are these clowns completely coo coo for cocoa puffs??? Unbelieveable! It’s probably one of the stupidist ideas ever..
    It’s thinking like this and other reasons why I left the Bay Area almost 3 years ago and now live in Las Vegas, where no one would ever think of something like this. I don’t miss it at all. Common sense lives here, and housing is so much cheaper, and there is NO state income tax.

  11. Why me says:

    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Greed Kills, while we are at it, how about a toll for the illegals getting FREE HANOUTS on OUR Tax Dollars

  12. Mike Richardson says:

    Here is the facebook page for Opposition to the SF Tolls:

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