BERKELEY (AP) — Bicyclists are fuming over a crackdown at UC Berkeley.

University of California police have always enforced campus bicycling laws, but vigorous enforcement and steep fines in an era of tuition hikes has enraged students. Campus police say citations are up only slightly over last year.

KCBS’ Anna Duckworth Reports:

The San Francisco Chronicle reported freshman Devin Shoop got a $220 ticket in September for locking his bicycle to a railing instead of a bike rack. Two weeks later, he got a $220 ticket for failing to stop at a stop sign.

Critics have started a Facebook page for complaints about the steep fines, they’ve staged bicycle civil disobedience and they’ve written letters to campus police.

Campus police Lt. Alex Yao says they are trying to ensure the safety of pedestrians.

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Comments (13)
  1. Tom says:

    If the violations of all bicyclists required paying a fine, there would be a surplus of cash throughout the state of California!

  2. fred thompson says:

    If they do something illegal( running a stop sign) or something the they shouldnt be doing – locking bike to rail- Heck yeah. ticket them. Bicyclists should be REQUIRED to act like cars if they want to use the streets. Too many times they feel they are above the law.
    Tough luck duide. You play you pay.

  3. Todd the car driver says:

    As usual, the bicyclists feel they are both above the law and picked on. ALL police departments should enforce all motor vehicle laws. Bicyclists have the right to use the roads, but they also must obey the laws of the roads, equal penalty for equal infraction. If a automobile failed to stop at a stop sign,there would not be automobile civil disobedience. Pay your tickets and learn a lesson like the rest of us.

  4. I'm a Fool For the City says:

    Have to admit,the fine is a little stiff for the infraction,parked my Motorcycle on a public sidewalk in Concord.Now it was what I felt was out of the way but the law is the law…fine $ 45.00 paid it and now I park correctly.So $ 220.00 for locking your bike at the wrong place……..nag don’t think so.

  5. Gary Steele says:

    These same whiners, er, “outraged students” smirk when a motorist gets a ticket. Boo hoo HOO. Pay up.

  6. jada says:

    I just wish the UCPD would walk THEIR bikes in the designated dismount zones. As a student, I’ve almost been hit by them a couple times walking to class.

  7. glabs drackchum says:

    If anyone has a bloated sense of entitlement it is the people behind the wheels of the poison spewing and deadly weapons known as motor vehicles. Bicyclists have responsibilities but ‘crackdown’ is a typical over-reaction and a money grab. The UC rent-a-cops should concentrate on real issues like rape or assault. Who cares where a bicycle is locked – totally ridiculous – there are real problems in the world!

  8. Kevin McMurtrie says:

    $220 is excessive for a minor infraction. Everyone should fight the tickets in court.

  9. Steve in Las Vegas NV says:

    If you follow the rules and the laws, you won’t get a ticket. It’s just that simple.

    Too many bicyclists think because they’re riding a bike, traffic laws don’t apply to them..Surprise they do! And when those laws are violated… Presto! A ticket!

    Since the unuiversity makes the rules, they expect everyone to follow them. If those simple rules get broken…Presto! A ticket. This applies to everyone. There are no exemptions.

  10. PedWheels says:

    When covering these types of issues please recognize what people in wheel-chairs and the Deaf-and Hard of Hearing folk have to contend with- bikes on pedestrian paths and sidewalks poise a serious great danger on pedestrian walkways. Bicyclist consider their bikes to be vehicles with all the vehicular rights to the ROAD as other vehicles – -not pedestrian paths and sidewalks – As vehicles, Cyclists should be required to carry collision and second party medical insurance.
    I’ve been hit by a bike riding in a pedestrian walkway and it messed me up. Who paid for it – I had to the bike took-off yelling back – she didn’t have to tell me who she was or, if she was insured. Nice, representation of the children for a future sustainable society.

  11. David in Berkeley says:

    It’s about time the (UC) police started ticketing them! Bicyclists are always running stops signs, red lights or almost hitting pedestrians. They have shown that they do not have common sense enough to remember that they do not weight has much as car or motorcycles… oh yeah and don’t have the protection either. Obey the laws and you won’t get tickets! It’s just that simple. The entire city should be cracking down on them.

  12. C7Bos says:

    If you live in a city like Boston, who just went through their own cyclist crack down, you’ll realize the prejudices against cyclist. In a city where NO traffic laws are enforced, cyclist are being singled out by being the only ones receiving traffic violations. Since it’s a free-for-all, for pedestrians and vehicles, cyclist must act in ways that ensures THEIR safety, which does not always conform to the laws.

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