(KCBS) – John Madden says the 49ers aren’t as bad as the 34-7 score would indicate in their loss to the Chargers, but not good enough to overcome in-game misfortune; why you don’t see losing teams experiment much with different players late in the season; and a look at the “big shovel” at Lambeau Field in Green Bay. (8:05)

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  1. Robert M. says:

    I can’t agree with John at all today because the 49ers

    aren’t snake bit but just a really bad team with bad

    coaching and really bad ownership. When Justin Smith

    shoved the ref it just showed how bad the discipline is

    on the team and that comes from lack of respect for

    coaching and ownership. Of course it could be that the

    niners are just one example of how bad the NFL has

    become with players that just can’t wait to dance in

    front of the cameras after every tackle and also a

    league where players do the dancing thing when their

    team is 2-10 ect. ect. I get the players part about how

    the league management is pretty much a gestapo

    organization but after 40+ years of watching the NFL I

    think it’s time to tune out of this utter nonsense as I

    did the NBA in 1999….

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