BART Officer Accused Of Lying About Oscar Grant Shooting Re-Instated

OAKLAND (CBS/KCBS) — One of the BART police officers fired in the wake of the Oscar Grant shooting has been given a reprieve as an arbitrator ruled officer Marysol Dominici must be re-instated.

Marysol Dominici was among the officers on the platform at the Fruitvale BART station when Oscar Grant was shot and killed on New Year’s Day 2009.

BART brought in an outside firm to determine if all policies had been followed properly.

KCBS’ Bob Butler Reports:

Officer Dominici was accused of lying about what she saw happen that night and was fired.

BART spokesman Linton Johnson said the agency still believes it was right to terminate her policy and that, “being untruthful is a violation of our policy”.

“They found in that independent report that this was a case of where she was untruthful. The arbitrator disagreed with that decision and that’s why the arbitrator reinstated her and the labor agreement says that we live by what the arbitrator says,” added Johnson.

Dominici will come back to work after a fitness evaluation.

Officer Anthony Peroni was also fired and awaits his arbitration.

In the meantime, Johannes Mehserle is serving a two-year sentence as the officer who killed Oscar Grant.

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  • j

    Shouldn’t it read, ” BART Officer Re-Instated After Allegedly Lying About Oscar Grant Shooting”?

    • bob

      Yep, that’s what I was thinking too. The allegation of dishonesty was over-turned!

      So, as usual, the headline is incorrect.

  • ShutUp

    Why is there a picture of Oscar Grant published with this article when the subject of the news story is a re-instated female BART cop?

  • Sam

    KCBS and every other media outlet is communist. They expect us to only believe what they want us to believe, truth or not. Can you say USSR, Cuba, China? No thanks. Shame on you KCBS.

  • Zack Debarco

    OSCAR GRANT PHOTOS AND VIDEO are the cash cow for the local media.
    If they were truly impartial they would have had a different title. PC is the
    fuel for out country’s decline!!

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