SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — They say the first step in fighting addiction is admitting you have a problem. But, for some who are fighting an addiction to social networking sites like Facebook, an application is now available to help you stay away.

“It’s very distracting and very addicting to check your Facebook messages, check your tweets,” said software developer Fred Stutzman. “Emails, chats, IM, it’s all very distracting. It’s a lot more fun to be interacting with your friends than it is to get work done.”

KCBS’ Rebecca Corral Reports:

Stutzman knows these problems firsthand and has created a downloadable program called Anti-Social.

“It’s for people who want to get away from the endless stream of distractions that comes from participating on some of the social websites that are popular these days,” he said. “You get a little bit of a break so you can get some work done.”

You can download the program and edit the settings to your liking. Some people might want to stay off Facebook from 9 am to 5 pm or others might list settings for later at night.

If you try to get on the sites during those hours, it won’t be allowed, although Stutzman said you can work around the restrictions.

“If you absolutely have to get on a social networking site, you have to reboot your computer, which we all know is bothersome and annoying,” he said.

Anti-Social is only available for Macs and Stutzman has the program available for sale on his website,

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