SAN JOSE (AP) — Animal control officers have captured one of two pit bulls that viciously attacked a woman in a San Jose neighborhood.

Animal control Sgt. Jay Terrado said to the San Jose Mercury News the pit bull was found roaming the streets Tuesday night, a day after the 41-year-old woman was attacked. It will be quarantined for ten days while officers try to find its owner, and could eventually be euthanized.

The second pit bull remains loose.

Authorities say the woman was attacked by the two dark gray dogs outside her home as she went to get something from her car.

She was treated and released from a hospital for bite wounds to her arm and hip.

Terrado said the captured dog’s owner may face a criminal complaint depending on the animal’s history.

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Comments (6)
  1. David says:

    euthanize the owner

  2. Laurie says:

    I couldn’t have said it better, David.

  3. Baby Bubut says:

    Why can’t we just ban these pit bulls as pets. Why can’t we just put them in the zoo or in far areas like forest like the rest of the wild animals. We have seen too much violence about pit bulls. Let’s admit that this dogs could never be tamed and will remain wild.

    1. Shiela says:

      You have a right to your own opinions but please read up on the breed before carelessly voicing your opinion. The breed is not a bad breed but owner who are irresponsible are the ones that give the breed a bad name. I have a chihuahua and a pit and they get along great. My chi sleeps on the pits belly to get warm during the night. Dogs are trained and can be socialized. Owners who neglect socializing their pets will have problem when their dogs run loose, this is regardless of breed. They attack our of fear or are just vicious by nature.

  4. stop pitbull hate says:

    you’re an idiot. pit bulls are not a wild breed. they are not born aggressive. irresponsible owners train them to be that way. any breed can be trained to be aggressive. you clearly have no dog experience whatsoever or you would know that any breed can attack. labs have a higher rate of attacking than pits but those stories never make it on the news because people don’t want to think that such a “family” dog could be capable of that. stop being ignorant. try watching pitbulls and parolees on animal planet and you’ll see that it’s not the breed that is violent. the dogs they care for on that show are incredibly sweet and loving dogs. i have personal experience with pits from working at a vet and volunteering at an animal shelter and not one of the pits i came in contact with was vicious. maybe we should put you out into a far area like the forest. it would be one less stupid person to deal with.

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