LAKE TAHOE (AP) – The snowpack in California’s mountains is holding nearly twice as much water than average for this time of year.

The Department of Water Resources conducted its first snow survey of the season Tuesday near Lake Tahoe. A series of storms has already created a heavy snowpack across the 400-mile-long Sierra Nevada range.

Director Mark Cowin says the results mean the state will likely be able to boost water deliveries next year to cities and farms coping with drought.

The agency previously announced that cities and farms can expect half their requested water next year, but that is almost certain to rise.

Water content in the snowpack registered at 198 percent of normal and most of the major reservoirs are near or above normal levels for this time of year.

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Comments (5)
  1. AndresIniesta says:

    Send more water to LA. They badly need to take more showers. During summer, it literally reeks like “Smellville” in LA-LA-land..

  2. NRA Life Member says:

    Damn that global warming!

  3. kc says:

    What don’t people get about Global Warming?! It doesn’t mean that the whole planet will get really hot and there won’t be any water! The water temps have risen, sea levels have risen in some places; the poles are being affected already. Parts of the US will see more rain/snow and parts will see less.

  4. NRA Life Member says:

    kc – That’s exactly what you don’t get about global warming. That’s exactly the way it’s been happening for billions of years. It is a natural climate fluctuation caused by planet orbital variations over time. It is not caused by man.

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