WOODSIDE (BCN) – A mountain lion was spotted in Woodside Tuesday night in the hills above Interstate Highway 280, emergency officials said.

The big cat was seen at about 8:20 p.m. in the vicinity of Albion Avenue and Olive Hill Lane.

Residents are advised not to approach mountain lions, and should avoid hiking or jogging at dawn, dusk, and night, hen the animals are most active.

If a mountain lion is encountered, emergency officials advise residents to try to appear large and make noise.

More information about mountain lions can be found at

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Comments (14)
  1. Cat Stew taste good says:

    Pack some heat and share it when you see the Big cat

  2. steve says:

    and poke them in the eyes. BTW anyone with a baby should learn cpr as the odds of choking are WAY higher than you realize

  3. Herbert says:

    i heard that the best way to kill it quick when you’re attacked is to poke your thumb in its eye which then affects brain pressure because their eyes are not encased in bone like ours are. I learned this in Evolution class (i’m a Biology major), though I don’t believe in evolution, I would say that this shows there is an Intelligent creator that knows beforehand how to protect our lives by not allowing our affected eyes to damage our brain. As for mountain lions, the creator knows that we will need to protect ourselves so He didn’t give mountain lions such protections so we can find ways to defend ourselves if we must

    1. Courteney says:

      I hope you’re joking because if you’re not this has to be one of the dumbest comments/rationalizations I have ever heard.

    2. Kennx7 says:

      Your creator obviously did something wrong when he allowed 9 billion humans to reproduce, but only allowed 900 total mountain lions to survive.

  4. Courteney says:

    Animals have no other place to go. If we are so worried about being attacked by animals we need to leave them enough space to live, hunt, and survive without having to come close to humans.

    There are just way too many people in the world to do that. And before you bite my head off saying I should just kill myself if I think there are too many people; I in no way am saying we should kill anybody. All I’m saying is we should limit our reproducing. One child is more than enough!

    These poor animals are so desperate! They don’t want to come near us, they are forced to.

  5. Robert says:

    Saying you don’t believe in evolution is like saying you don’t believe in the Sun. Just look up. You can’t miss it.

  6. davidcraig says:

    I think you missed it. Saying you don’t believe in God is like looking at the Sun and saying that it doesn’t exist

    1. Angus Charlie says:

      The SUN clearly exists. It is there for us all to see. As for God the only “proof” for most seems to come from a book compiled by an English king a few hundred years ago.

  7. pirate says:

    Gimme a break, these lions are in the hills all the time. its just that most ppl never see them. i have seen em 5 times and everytime they are running away. and to put this article up only strikes fear in the ignorant ppl. i hope this doesnt result in more lions getting shot.
    DONT APPROACH THEM, are you kidding only a MORON needs advice like this. you might as well say dont cuddle with them or wear a deer suit and limp around. geez.
    as far as the religious debate goes the sun AND mountain lion are proof of God.
    matter does not spontaneously arrive from nothing.. if you believe the big bang then where did the gases come from? keep hitting rewind until you have your creator.

  8. big john says:

    All but 7 percent of the human population should neutered… that would be a bloodless solution to the human overpopulation problem… having children should be a granted privilege… laugh now but eventually this will be a reality…

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