SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – More than 200 uniformed United Airlines flight attendants protested in front of Terminal 3 Friday, accusing the company of delaying a new contract.

Concessions and pay and pensions were granted twice in the past year with the understanding that wages and benefits would be restored by 2010, said a spokeswoman for the Association of Flight Attendants.

The pickets here and in Hong Kong, London, Frankfurt, Chicago, Las Vegas and other major cities around the world marked one year since the company was to have amended its contract, said Chris Black, local council president of the AFA in San Francisco.

“We’re out here picketing because we’re fed up. The executives at this company are making millions in bonuses and compensation. And we are the front line workers and we deserve to get the compensation that we are asking for,” she said.

KCBS’ Anna Duckworth Reports:

Instead, the carrier now merged with Continental is demanding even more concessions from its 15,000 flight attendants, Black said, and the union would not rule out the possibility of an eventual strike.

In an email, United’s spokesperson said the company won’t negotiate publicly but is committed to working constructively with all of its unions.

United pilots, who have also been working without an amended contract for the last year, joined flight attendants on the SFO picket line.

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Comments (4)
  1. Gary Steele says:

    If they don’t like their jobs, why don’t they quit? Why do unions think that extortion is the way to better themselves? Try doing the job better than everyone else, finding ways to improve efficiency and make yourself valuable to the company instead of threatenting to strike. What *will* you do if they hire a scab?

  2. Tony Triche says:

    it is VERY hard to take advice from someone who obviously has no aviation experience. We (the crews both deck and cabin) and ground operations (gates, ops, and tech) are the most efficient part of the operation, we already perform above the set mark, and have taken quite a hit in our pay and have literally given productivity in return for free.

    The biggest problem being that once upon a time, airlines were managed by aviation people, those who understood the industry, the way it operates and had as much love for it as the front line worker. Now the industry is run by the “experts” from the Ivy League colleges, Lawyers, stuffed shirts, and “money people” and the FUNNY part about it is….once these geniuses got involved the industry STOPPED making money.

    Take a moment to research modern commercial airline history since 1978, and get a feel of what REALLY happened to this industry, you’d actually get an understanding of some of the bitterness expressed by airline employees.

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