2 Stabbed At San Francisco Nightclub

SAN FRANCISCO (BCN) — Two men were stabbed in front of a nightclub in San Francisco’s South of Market district early Sunday morning, officials said.

Shortly after 12:30 a.m., all units at the San Francisco Police Department’s Southern Station responded to Temple nightclub, at 540 Howard St., on report of an altercation, San Francisco police Officer Frost said.

Firefighters were also dispatched for medical aid, a San Francisco fire lieutenant said.

Officers on the scene found two Hispanic men suffering from multiple stab wounds, a San Francisco police dispatcher said.

The two were transported to San Francisco General Hospital, a fire lieutenant said. The extent of their injuries was unknown.

Police said that the three suspects—identified as two approximately 25-year-old Asian men along with an unknown suspect – remain at large.

Police declined to offer further information about the incident, but said that it is not considered to be gang related.

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  • anonymous

    Asians?! now this is getting weird…….

  • NRA LIfe Member

    So, where is the cry for more “knife control”? Every kitchen is an arsenal. Should we confiscate all knives over a certain size? Why do you need a drawer full of them?

  • NRA Life Member

    A firearm is the same as a knife, baseball bat, automobile, chain, belt, hammer, pencil or many other objects. They are all tools, and that’s all. They can be used correctly to great benefit or they can be misused to create unspeakable crimes.

    Place your contempt where it belongs: on the person that breaks laws and harms others. Not on an inanimate object, but on the person that misuses it.

  • NRA Life Member

    I can’t believe their “politically correct” filter will not allow the posting of the word: $crewdriver. A $crew is also a fastener, commonly used with wood. Got wood?


    haha comparing a knife to a gun! Really??? do you carve your turkey with a semiautomatic? Yes guns and knives can both be fatal. But I think the fact that a knife is more versatile in daily life and a gun’s primary purpose is to intimidate, maim or kill puts the need for gun control far above knife control. Plus a gun wound is far more frequently fatal and/or causes permanent damage then a knife wound. Granted the context of where a knife, a gun, or even a 2X4 is used dictates the risk, power it wields, and possibility for death. But in a worse case scenario what would be more terrifying: your child playing with a kitchen knife or a gun?

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