SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – A much anticipated report from the California Council on Science and Technology confirms no significant health impacts from SmartMeters, but some remain skeptical.

The study by the California Council on Science and Technology was commissioned at the request of Assembly members Jared Huffman and Bill Monning. The CCST is an independent non-profit that advises state government on issues of science and technology. CCST Executive Director Susan Hackwood explains that the study compiled scientific literature.

KCBS’ Margie Shafer Reports on the Newly Released Study:

“When these meters are installed and maintained as expected through the utility company they pose no more risk of exposure than any other household device, particularly cell phones,” said Hackwook.

Still, the founder of the EMF Safety Network, Sandi Maurer is not convinced.

“I think this is the same rhetoric that the industry has been promoting for decades.

The study did not measure non-thermal impacts of SmartMeters, and Maurer points out that people are reporting sleep problems and headaches associated with SmartMeters.

“We’re hopeful that this fact-based report helps to alleviate concerns,” said PG&E spokesman Paul Moreno.

The legal push is still on to allow consumers the ability to opt out of having the meters installed.

Meanwhile, PG&E has done something it rarely ever does. It has removed a SmartMeter from a Marin County woman’s home, and put her old fashioned meter back in, for now.

Corte Madera resident Jane Levinson said the problem started months ago.

“I have a motion sensor at the corner of the house on the same wall that my electric box is located and that motion sensor started going off and on all night long,” said Levinson.

KCBS’ Margie Shafer Reports on PG&E’s Unusual Move:

Levinson suspected the havoc was caused by her SmartMeter, and called the motion detectors manufacturer, who confirmed they have received several complaints from California customers.

PG&E spokesman Jeff Smith said the utility has replaced the smart meter with an old meter, saying Levinson’s motion detector is too sensitive.

“On very rare occasions there have been situations where there is device interference with some electronic devices,” said Smith. “What we wanted to make sure we did in this case is immediately respond to the customer when she called because the motion detector was not operating as intended.”

On Tuesday, a 62-year-old Rohnert Park grandmother was arrested after she and nearly a dozen others blocked a semi-truck delivering smart meters to an installer.

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Comments (9)
  1. Brooke says:

    Thanks to this story, we now know why our motion sensor light above our SmartMeter is always on!! We’ve had electricians out to our house and no one can fix it. I just wrote to PG& E and really hope they will fix our situation too!

  2. David Schultz says:

    I think that they should be called “stupidmeters” instead, as they provide a good indication of the number of stupid luddites opposing them in any given area!

  3. RobertWilliams says:


    If those WIRELESS smart meters can interfere with motion detectors (some and not others) and PG&E doesn’t even know why, how can PG&E assure safety for our children that have millions of essential natural electronic communication transmissions from brain to cells every single day for their growth, development and survival?

    And how can this political organization pretending to do science have the nerve to sell out millions of children in this state?

  4. R. Rose says:

    I can’t believe they changed it due to a problem with a motion detector, but when I called to ask them to change our Smartmeter, as it is right on the other side of the wall of my children’s bunk bed they said no – in fact they told me they don’t have the analog version any more. I am angry and don’t want this smart meter. How can we get them to remove it? Any ideas? – R Rose in Oakland

  5. A Frances Lee says:

    My V-Tech wireless phone handsets haven’t been working – only the base unit connected to the phone line works. Per the troubleshooting instructions fault is due to short in phone lines; AT&T checked and there were no shorts. Think now it’s the rotten “smart meter.” Is anyobne else having that problem?

  6. S. Brinchman says:

    Dr. David O. Carpenter, expert on wireless technologies and public health, condemns the CCST report as poorly done.

    Click to read the original, signed report by Dr. Carpenter as a pdf.

  7. Deanna Munson says:

    ur motion detector is the least of ur problems.i am literaly dying from these house plants are started with intense buzzing/ringing highpitched in my head,then no ability to sleep,head splitting migranes, 2 months ago the installed a data collection meter a few feet from my i also have involuntary muscle movement/contractions,my eyes jump around,confusion,and fear my heart will stop at any given moment.this report is a lie.a complete fabrication.go to you tube and look up “smartmeter radiation”,”dark side of smartmeters””

  8. Deanna Munson says:

    u call this journalism???fine.when pge gets sued im putting u guys on the list of co-conspirators.u r helping them kill everything.for a soul.better buy it back soon CBS

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