SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – There will changes coming to your Bay Area radio dial, as the University of Southern California has purchased San Francisco’s longtime classical music station KDFC from Entercom Communications.

But the move is also bumping the University of San Francisco’s nationally recognized student station KUSF off the air.

KCBS’ Tim Ryan Reports:

Carolyn Keddy has been a jock for 20 years.

“I showed up for my show today and the station was locked and closed,” she said.

The plan is for the station to go strictly online, potentially a much larger audience than the 3,000 watt transmitter could ever deliver.

But Keddy said the station’s eclectic programming may never be the same.

“We had foreign language programs, movie and theater programs, classical music, ragtime and soul programs,” she said.

University of San Francisco spokesman Gary McDonald said the license fetched $3.75 million for the school.

“Strategically, we saw a way we could benefit from the sale of the station,” he said. “We could use that money for strategic university initiatives and continue offering students the experience they need in audio production.”

Many of the staffers will be meeting on Wednesday night at the station to try to figure out what they will do next.

KDFC will permanently move from 102.1 on the FM dial to 89.9 and 90.3 and Entercom will start broadcasting San Jose classic rock station KUFX in the classical station’s old spot.

The Federal Communications Commission must still approve the deal, a process which often takes several months.

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Comments (6)
  1. Winter07 says:

    all of this for another “classic rock” station … dear god

  2. Clarence says:

    Although San Francisco is made up of many kinds of music lovers, it is sad that soon the only way you might hear classical music, is if you are rich enough to listen to it live at Daves Hall. Let’s hope and pray that the “FCC” DOES NOT allow the sale ….. I’m sure that the university can find money another way. Anyone know of how to make waves at the “FCC” so that the sale does not happen?????

  3. michael bloom says:

    oops — the story on KPIX says it was “UFC” that purchased the station. The press release on the KDFC web site says it was KUSC, the radio station that made the purchase. I believe that KUSC and the University of Southern California are separate entities. One would then wonder how a non-profit (the University) could own and operate (“receive benefit from”) the for-profit radio station at 102.1 without jeopardizing its 501c3 status. Should get the facts straight here.


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