SAN FRANCISCO (CBS/RADIO.COM) – Each Wednesday our friends at’s Top 10 bring us a hot new list from the internet.   Check out this week’s list celebrating everything we love about “Idol”… the world’s worst auditions.

In honor of American Idol kicking off its tenth season tonight, we decided to look back at all the auditions and choose what we believe to be the worst auditions in the hit show’s history.

Here’s our list of the top ten worst American Idol auditions…

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#10 James Lewis
Season 7

James Lewis probably should have stuck to his day job as a tour guide because singing will definitely not be paying his bills anytime soon. It’s safe to say the judges didn’t have any “Brotherly Love” for the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native.


#9 Rhonneta Johnson
Season 5

Rhonetta Johnson certainly didn’t have any confidence issues during her audition even going as far as to say she was better than Jennifer Lopez and  Janet Jackson. When it was obvious that Rhonetta didn’t measure up she took her frustrations out on Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell in a ridiculous two-minute long rant.


#8 Nick Zitzmann
Season 6

Nick Zitzmann may have put his hometown of Salt Lake City, Utah to shame with his audition as the judges seemed more afraid than annoyed. His eyes in my opinion stole the show completely… can you say weirdo?


#7 Steven Thoen
Season 6

Steve Thoen was an interesting contestant even before his audition, as he confessed that after viewing only two episodes he wasn’t even a fan of the show. I think the band Queen wishes he wasn’t a fan of them either as he butchers one of their classic songs.


#6 Martik Manoukian
Season 6

It’s never a good idea to walk into an audition with your own gimmick but it appears that no one warned Martik Manoukian as he summoned the spirit of a panther. It doesn’t come as a surprise that the “panther” was chased out of the building – far from Hollywood roars and all.


#5 Leroy Wells
Season 4

Leroy Wells was as unique as they come being that he seemed to lack understanding of the English language. Leroy also seemed to lack the understanding of what the show was about and that he literally could not carry a note.


#4 Ian Benardo
Season 6

The always controversial and opinionated Ian Benardo has become known for his outbursts on several reality shows. His first audition for American Idol was classic for his “diva” attitude and battle with Simon. I am pretty sure he and Dane Cook will never be friends…ever. Check out Ian last year as he visited Nick Cannon and the Rollin’ crew.


#3 General Larry Platt
Season 9

General Larry Platt set the world on fire with his innovative song “Pants On The Ground” as it became a nationwide hit as well as an anthem to kick off 2010. The song made its unlikely debut on American Idol as the 60 plus year old performed the hilarious track in front of the flabbergasted judges. The song was even quoted by football legend Brett Favre during a team huddle earlier this year.


#2 William Hung
Season 3

University of Berkeley’s Own, William Hung quickly became a household name – no, not for winning the season 3 competition but for doing the worst rendition of of Ricky Martin‘s hit song “She Bangs”. The terrible performance was so beloved by the public that it led to him getting a record deal with Koch Records. Yikes!


#1 Keith Beukelaer
Season 2

Keith Beukelaer is either the bravest boy in the world or the craziest after deciding to perform Madonna‘s hit song “Like A Virgin”. The song choice was questionable to begin with but the singing and dancing was hard to watch with a straight face. It’s no wonder Simon called him the worst singer in the world. Ouch!


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    Brian Krause FTW

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