Oakland 2nd Graders Reportedly Engage In Sex Acts, Teacher Suspended

OAKLAND (CBS 5) — A teacher at Oakland’s Markham Elementary School has been suspended indefinitely after school officials said a pair of second-graders performed sex acts on each other in class – with the teacher present.

“I think everyone is taken aback over this shocking incident,” Troy Flint, the spokesman for the Oakland Unified School District, told CBS 5. “Of course, it is hard to understand how that could have occurred.”

Flint said the sex acts incident was one of two separate cases under investigation involving the teacher; both incidents occurred last week in the same classroom but he said they didn’t come to the attention of school officials until Wednesday.

In one case, several students apparently took off their clothes and were naked in the classroom. In the second incident, a boy and girl reportedly engaged in oral sex in front of their classmates.

Flint indicated that the suspended teacher, whose name was not released by the school district, was present for both of the incidents.

Flint and Markham principal Pam Booker said they were limited in terms of the details they could release at this time because of the ongoing investigation into the matter.

Booker noted that the students said to be involved in the incidents were interviewed by school leaders.

In a letter sent to parents of Markham students on Thursday, Booker offered an apology by telling them that the incidents “represent an unacceptable lack of supervision. I understand there is great anger over this news.”

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  • Sylvia B

    wt…??? oral sex between 2nd graders???

    • jon smith

      I see a lot of “Well, it’s California” comments. First, I’m a native of California. I’m 45. I also used to teach in Oakland. The idea that this is “California” and not wherever it is that you live is silly. What happens here, the bankrupt towns, state, the lack of morals, the crime, the illegals….it’s coming to you, believe me. It didn’t used to be this way here. California was an amazing place to grow up. Now, just in LA County, they spent 600 MILLION on welfare for the children of illegal immigrants in 2010. One county. Not schools. Not medical. Not prisons. Welfare. Oakland is a liberal hell hole. They’d elect a liberal criminal before a person who who could actually make a difference. But it didn’t used to be this way. Which is my point. California is a bankrupt hell hole. But it wasn’t always this way. Watch as your neighborhoods, your states and towns change little by little by little. 20 Years ago it took 80 minutes to drive from Sacramento to San Francisco. Now it takes as much as three hours. Stop and ask directions? Good chance the person doesn’t even speak English. The other day on the freeway there was an accident–but they couldn’t find out what happened because neither the drivers nor any of their six passengers spoke English–they had to wait for a translator. This is 600 miles from the Mexican border. The solution? There’s a huge push to hire ONLY bilingual officers. Ballots, street signs, 30 spanish speaking stations on cable—-kids performing oral sex in the 2nd grade. It’s all coming to a town near you.

    • asdfasdfasdf

      um…yeah about that california comment? nothing happened to my kids in california but when we moved to wisconsin it was a different story so it’s not “california”. no one knows what happened or will know until the truth comes out. everyone is just tossing stores around. it could have been a kid who had been molested. it could have been the teacher. it could have been anything. the only thing is why didn’t the teacher stop it? how did the teacher NOT know if he was in the classroom and the others were too? something is fishy about the whole thing.

    • Dale C. Scott

      Hey, Oakland School District —– Suspended? Not jailed? This pervert should have been dragged by the hair straight to jail and held on NO BAIL. What the Hell is wrong with you people in California, anyway? The teacher should be held accountable for his/her actions and charged with as many individual charges as there were children present in the classroom when the disgusting acts took place. Let us say, twenty five children, times ten years for each charge of contributing to the delinquacy of a minor as well as a like number of separate charges of lewd acts, means the teacher ishould be going away FOREVER.

    • Family Values

      And yet no one ever mentioned the home environment is most likely to blame.

      TV used to teach, mentor, and uplift. Now, it does completely the opposite, but you cannot tell, nor does anyone care.

    • Dr. Bombay

      “The Christian God is a being of terrific character – cruel, vindictive, capricious, and unjust” ~ Thomas Jefferson


    • JT

      wow David in NYC, you are an idiot!

    • parent

      I hope that the parents find that teacher, and bring justice their own way.

    • danny g

      MTV is not to blame. Parents are to blame. First of all, you as a parent have control over what your child watches. It is easier to blame MTV for your children acting out, instead of accepting responsibility for your own poor parenting.

    • bp

      But, it wasn’t sex… Bill Clinton said so!

    • JPrimus

      Here’s to all of you people who DON’T think we are in a steep decline in this country. MTV has a new show out where it’s children basically f*cking, and everybody looks around DUMBFOUNDED as to why these things occur.

      I love how they cite ” a lack of supervision” as the problem.

      • June

        Everything is to blame…the whole world has gone mad. This is Sodom, Gomorrah and the city of Babylon now in second grade public schools. What kind of filth allows babies like this to even know what that trash is? Did you know that in second grade? If you are older than 35, I think not.

      • Carrieann

        Supervision is only part of the problem — chances are at least one of these kids was molested and brought that experience to school. I’m a social worker and deal with these kinds of scenerios more than you would think!

      • Jack

        OMG you people need to stop trying to blame other people for this its everyones fault and no ones fault

      • osteenq

        Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight…because MTV is responsible for raising people’s children, right?

        Don’t be idiot. This is all about sloppy parenting by people who think raising children involves nothing more than providing them with enough food, water, and shelter to keep them alive until they hit 18.

      • greg

        MTV, the Internet, and every other stupid factor is not to blame, its THE PAENTS. None of those are factors if the parents just stepped up and taught there kids common decency.

      • Matthew Herren

        yeah…. MTV hasn’t been socially relevant for a 15 years.

        TV in general… and the internet clearly exposes people to things they never would have been in previous generations…

        But that’s what parents are for.

        Starting with the Baby Boomers… people simply stopped caring.

      • AngelA

        BUT the show Skins, to which you are reffering, on MTV is actually a rip off of a British series. Ripped off almost word for word. It is really sad but even in depravity Americans aren’t being original anymore


        Dave in NYC, are you a member of NAMBLA?

        I’m utterly sickened by the notion that you would use this terrible incident as a platform to preach your liberal extremist rhetoric about our country being sexually repressed. If anything, this incident is evidence that our society is becoming way too depraved, and NOT repressed.

        I feel very sorry for the children in that class and their parents for having to go through this. When we send our children to school we assume that they are in a wholesome environment conducive to learning. Not an environment where sick liberals perform social engineering experiments on our young kids.

        FOR SHAME!!!!!

      • Aunt Bee


        Hope, change and degenerates running your life.


      • hailey

        what about blue lagoon where 2 15 year old actors engage in sex acts with one another while stranded on a deserted island? That was released in the 80’s and its a classic. why is that not pornography but showing a 17 year olds ass in a scene that doesn’t even involve any sex is? It’s not! And while this teacher should have not allowed this behavior to go on it is perfectly natural for 7 year olds to be curious about the equipment they have. Stop blaming porn and MTV for children engaging in anatomical curiosity, sex is natural, embrace it and talk to your kids about it so incidences like these don’t happen. Besides i find it hard to believe that these children even know what oral sex is unless one of them has been previously molested, otherwise this could be curiosity gone too far.

      • Maeeppa

        Oh, please. A pending TV show, a sanitized version of one more popular in England didn’t cause this. And please, do you see any school boards approving?

      • http://endgametime.wordpress.com endgametime

        MTV is absolutely 100 percent responsible for their show. They knew exactly what they were doing and should be tried for a sex crime.

      • drewsky

        I grew up with no MTV or access to internet and I as well as every other kid I knew played doctor with other children of the opposite sex. Now as for this happening in a school i think it is ridiculous and there is an obvious breach of trust and responsibility on the part of the school officials however, no I disagree that we are in a decline at all let alone a steep one. It wasn’t very long ago in the so called “good ol’ days” when women couldn’t vote and black people were sitting on the back of the bus and getting lynched left and right. Oh yes such a moral time it was. People like you just don’t think much and are very effected by manufactured outrage headlines that is all.

      • Bart

        David in NYC

        Are you really as dumb and stupid as you sound? You idiot – these are 2nd graders, not adults, not high school or college students. THEY ARE 2nd GRADERS! You freaking oaf. Are you a pedophile, someone who enjoys watching children performing sex acts on each other and then fantasizing about being involved yourself?

        I have read some absolutely stupid comments in my lifetime but none as stupid as yours especially when one considers the topic.

        You don’t need to grow up, you should be incarcerated.

      • GBY

        Its not the show the kids are watching because it says viewer discretion is advised its the parents that dont pay attention to what their kids watch
        and the teacher from this school what the hell was he thinking letting the children continue with these sexual acts why didnt he stop it?

      • Rush224

        I don’t think MTV is entirely to blame…I think the ease of access to pornography on the internet is to blame for most of these cases. Instead of letting kids sit in front of the computer for hours on end parents need to throw them outside….

      • Midia

        I think the kids were well supervised. Just nobody stopped them.

      • M Eneime

        Whats so shocking about this story. After all this is San Fran you know. I’m just surprised to know that it was 2 children of the opposite sex involved. Next week we’ll probably hear reports similar except that the teacher will be involved in the act as well. You know giving a demonstration or something like that.

      • don iarussi

        hi jerry

      • David in NYC

        Ha — MTV and culture and Obama and heavy metal. Every few years something comes out and a bunch of yahoos shout “country in steep decline!” What nonsense.

        The problem is this country is that we are so repressed, we so demonize sex, that we’re so ashamed of our naked bodies that our natural urges come out in all kinds of perverted ways.

        The problem is not too much sex — it’s that we live in a country where if you show a naked body, the film gets an R, but if you show a body being blown up, it gets a PG.

        Grow up, everybody. Really.

      • Regina Prendergast-ryan

        I have no idea how 2nd graders would know about oral sex. I didn’t have a clue in H.S. I think we need to throw out the T.V.’s if this is where they’re exposed to this.

      • KenL.

        The Godless, Liberal agenda working for you and your familes. Why would any sane person put their children in public schools these days?

      • K

        Or this understatement: “Of course, it is hard to understand how that could have occurred.”

      • Patriot01

        You are 100% correct!

      • Hogan

        Rush – WAKE UP – of course MTV and pretty much all the media is to blame! This is so getting out of hand. Watch the first 15 minutes of Peter Jackson’s King Kong – the scene where Ann goes the Burlesque theater to work – the posters on the walls show the PORN from back in the 1930’s – women dressed in basically a one piece swimsuit with stocking all the way up her legs and gloves covering her hands and arms – very little skin AND THAT WAS THE PORN! Now you can’t take your kids to the mall to shop with out have to cover their eyes as you pass Victoria’s Secret AND OTHER STORES with LARGER THAN LIFE ALMOST NAKED woman postered all over the place. WAKE UP AMERICA! It’s the “Frog in the blender” – little at a time – “don’t judge”, let it slide AND THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE NOW. Imagine how bad it will be 20 years from now!

      • TxnByBrth

        Lack of supervision IS a major problem contributing factor to the problem…kids are stupid and don’t have a clue until they’re in their mid twenties. And them being clueless is WHY supervision is important. I suspect, however, the lack of supervision began at home…

      • falling

        Has anyone else heard of the 20 by 20 “game” going around? It seems to have hit my area. The goal is to have had 20 different sexual partners by the time you are 20. It is no wonder so many of our young people have incurable STD’s and have no respect for themselves or others! If you hear your child saying something about “getting their 20” or “working on their 20” you now know what they are talking about!

      • Map Bugger

        Its Cali enough said!

      • rham

        who gives a f l i c k, its oakland

      • Matty13

        Yea, really. Supervision!!!?? What are you talking about. What does that mean? Teachers need supervision so they don’t have kids naked in the classroom. Teachers need supervision to prevent this from happening. Does that mean there are teachers out there who would do this all the time if they weren’t supervised??

      • Shelly

        It’s not MTV, it’s the parents at fault. We as parents know the dangers of the world, why oh why would you not instill this into your children? I taught my children before they ever left my house what is appropriate. My child would have said no way & reported it. She probably would have stopped the other kids from doing it too. Teaching our kids from day one prevents this stuff from happening. Because I taught my child this, she was able to prevent an abduction of her and two friends, and she was able to find the guy that attempted it.
        Don’t get me wrong, convict the idiotic teacher, but we has parents are solely responsible for protecting our children and teaching them the difference between right and wrong.

      • Joe

        David in NYC response sounds like a response of a pedophile…

      • Bill L

        Why doesn’t anyone ever blame the parents? Education and the teaching of right & wrong start in the home. May be these kids were acting out what they saw in their homes.

      • ValKG

        “a lack of supervision” Coulda sworn there was a “teacher” in there somewhere ~ encouraging this no less. What a dispicalbe “human” being he/she is. This is a sick world we live in…only a sign of things yet to come.

      • Andrew G

        “Steep decline” to what? It’s just sex. What evidence do you have that these kids got the idea to have sex from MTV?

        I *NEVER* watched MTV when I was a kid but I had sexual fantasies since I was at least 6 years old. I had oral sex with a female neighbor my age and her sister who was three years older than me. Me and a female friend and I agreed to have sex with each other at age 6 (though we never went through).

        I always thought sex play was normal with kids. I’m not all that surprised. I’m just surprised that it happened in a classroom.

      • A Gramma

        Can’t let the kids outside to play anymore. At least not without parental supervision. There’s a perv on every street corner now.

        Sounds like there is a perv in every school now too.

        There does not seem to be any info on the teacher…. Male??? Female??? Other???. or whatever it calls itself these days.

        Voters and Tax payers. Speak out now!!!!!! This is disgusting………..

      • roadmaster

        David in NYC – go repress yourself…

        In my lifetime, embracing the sick, twisted “studies” of the pedophile/pervert Kinsey has mainstreamed and normalized sex with children for the hard up lefties who couldn’t get a “date” with a $1000 bill. This is actually one of the top ten goals of communism – take children away from parents. corrupt their minds and make them slaves to the state.

      • accurate

        let convicts figure out what to do with this piece of human garbage

      • xeuropn

        David in NYC nailed it. What happened in the classroom is obviously wrong. But in a society where all of the top shows evolve around violence, murder and other harmful acts, it’s actually refreshing to have a show built around sex.

      • Lilly

        i think its the parents to blame! these kids wouldnt be doing these things if their parents were paying attention to what there kids watch and learn!!!!

    • MM

      We are a liberal society, and as such, we need to remove the social stigmatisms around sex.

      While the place was inappropriate, and the children should have been learning, sex in never a bad thing.

      The problem lies with the teacher. Clearly the teacher wasn’t doing their job, and the children were just filling the time because they were bored.

      • yakko

        You and Dave in NYC are late for your NAMBLA meeting. Be sure and tell your nine year-old boyfriend you’ll be late getting home tonight.

        Oh, BTW: Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC called. He needs you to sign a waiver so he can show your arrest for child molestation on NBC tonight. Please return his call.

      • Loyd

        Am I alone in realizing that this individual is playing a liberals game and laughing at every person that has replied to it’s comment?

      • Mike in Illinois

        I first blame the parent (or parents on the outside chance the children came from a stable traditional home. Next, I blame the teacher for not doing their job properly. I’m a teacher, if my classroom (and I teach High School) were ever that out of control I need to be fired…immediately. Then I blame society in general where sexual misbehavior is not only tolerated but glamorized.

        MM. We are unfortunately turning into a liberal society…but the social stigmas around sex should remain…not only the place, but the behavior as well was wrong. Sex among children IS a bad thing.

      • Moon

        MM you must have had your face in a Hustler Mag while you should have been listening to the teacher and learning English. Your grammer is awful.

      • borntobePolitical


        Sorry for the emphasis but this has nothing to do with intolerance or boredom. They are nearly toddlers and this behavior is just plain wrong. What planet are you from to dismiss this as merely passing the time, ho hum.

      • phillysmart

        You are a deranged Kook and I hope you don’t have any children to teach them this free love and peace garbage..please see a therapist

      • LouiseCA

        You are insane if you think there was anything whatsoever appropriate about this.

      • lolamento

        I agree. Plus, nudity with 7 year old is not the end of the world. But no, arrest the teacher, ruin the life. Oral sex probably done by students to get the teacher out of their case. Children know how to take control of their environment. Today no one is safe from some children that can get an adult in trouble in no time. Solution:
        Surveillance. Follow each student and each teacher and administrator every where even to their own bathrooms. Arrest everyone, child, teachers. Make each person a ward of the state. Make more laws. Make more arrest. Everyone needs to go to jail where one can get afterward a government permit to work, and counseling and a job placement.

      • borntobePolitical

        You are a sick, twisted, tortured soul. If you are not being sarcastic, I think that some authority may need to pay you a visit.

        I am just glad you don’t live next door.


      • Rowwdy

        I realize not everyone can be smart, but do you at least have 2 brain cells you can rub together? Your post is ludicrous babble.

      • biffula

        You must be a Californian to have a stupid nanny state answer like this. Are you kidding me?

      • rick

        good point……she should have given them a condom and a pack of Pall Malls……..why not?….they’re gonna do it anyway…….right?

      • borntobePolitical

        How about the school system pay a room at the Ritz? No sense they should not have room service and a spa after the act

      • Mr. S

        Dear MM
        I really think you suffer from delusional mental instability to look at this situation and give excuses for this to be ok, or even understandable. This is absolutely 100% out of bounds to exist in public schools at any grade, and especially for 7 year olds, and sex is not and never will be proper for casual encounters and experimentation at that age. The liberal notions you invoke are irresponsible and undignified, if you had any moralities , you would never support any of this child abuse.

      • Cody

        Dear MM
        7yrs old – 2nd Graders IS TOO YOUNG FOR SEX – IPERIOD. With all the STD’s rampant in our society due to easy sex. These children need guidance at home first regarding abstinence and then someone with moral character at school.

        Sex in and of itself is not at all bad. It should be limited to the moral constraints under which it was first given. Do you remember when it was first given?

      • SJH

        We are a liberal society??? No, you liberals are being rejected more and more every day for exactly the kind of garbage you spewed in your comment. As others said, I hope you don’t have kids of your own. If you do, one of two things will happen. They will grow up as deranged as you are, or, they will see what a degenerate you are and reject you as a parent. I’m hoping for the latter.

      • RR

        What is your problem? These are CHILDREN!

        If it was YOUR kid, your attitude would be different.

        The parents are at fault, and the teacher is at fault – and the teacher should be jailed!

      • jaydee

        If you don’t live in Oakland..may I suggest that you move there …you will feel very at home…..PS and stay there

      • Mary

        Excuse me! Children should be learning sex is never a bad thing? Sex between 2nd graders isn’t a bad thing? What planet are you from?

      • JK

        MM you are sick!!! These are children we are talking about. You and all that think like you should be locked up somewhere you sick pedophile!!! You liberal freaks are destroying what was once a great nation! As a parent and a normal person you make me sick!

      • Paula S.

        MM on what fact do you base your statement “We are a liberal society”? Oh wait, just like a typical liberal you make up facts to suit you. I defy you to find ONE single poll that supports your idiotic statement.

      • B

        You are joking right?!? There’s a huge difference between being a liberal society (and some would argue that point with you also) and sexual child abuse. These aren’t consenting adults we’re talking about. Liberal society or not I would hope your sick, liaise fair attitude doesn’t represent anyone’s opinion but your own. I also hope you don’t have children or a job that brings you in contact with anyone else’s kids.

      • ManassasGranda

        God are you sick.

      • Robert Rutledge

        Surely you have no children, but if you do, I don’t want mine in class with yours.

      • DaleW

        MM, you are an idiot, pure and simple

      • ML

        This comment is SICK! Sex between children is NEVER a good thing! My God, what kind of nation have we become?

      • OMG


      • G-A

        SJH needs to learn the difference between the definition of “liberal” and the definition of “political liberal.”

        I was sexually molested by another child when I was nine. He was eight. I was not allowed to watch television, he was raised in a strict Christian household where he was not allowed to watch “adult” shows. The internet didn’t exist yet. We learned about sex from jokes a 12 year old babysitter told us and didn’t know what it was or that it was how people made babies. Neither of us were even aware that molestation existed. We had both been taught not to allow adults to touch our private places, but we were never taught why. The only reason I say I was molested was because I repeatedly told him no and he kept doing it anyway. If he had known what sex represented in society and that it is something that should be kept private and between consenting adults, he might not have forced me to do things I didn’t want to do. Protecting children can be more dangerous than exposing them.

        I think MM is a little overboard here, but at the same time, kids play and they realize they have different body parts. And kids are naturally curious: you tell them not to do something, of course they’ll try and do it. There is nothing in society to “blame” for these kids’ behavior; however, a teacher should have nipped it in the bud. The teacher was clearly not supervising, or was involved in encouraging this behavior, which is even worse.

      • Phocus

        You are a glittering jewel of colassal ignornace.

      • bruce987

        You are just plain stupid or joking.
        You also voted for Obama… c’mon, admit it.

      • shredder

        Are your currently under the care of a Psychiatric professional?

      • Wayne

        You need to be supervised with a statement like that, I think communist countries show more morality these days, if this had happened in China they would have flogged the kids and hung the teacher and that would send a message to the public that civilizations can’t exist with this type of morality

      • Steve

        We also need to remove social stigmas surrounding sexually transmitted diseases. When promiscuous people contract deadly diseases, why should we, as a society, look at that as a “bad thing”? It is simply Nature’s way of eliminating those unfit for survival and we ALL love Nature, don’t we?

      • Cheri3442

        You can’t be serious. It’s obvious you don’t have and never should have children of your own . SIcko

      • Russ

        Sex is never a bad thing. Ask the hundreds of thousands of gay men who got AIDS in a bath-house, letting some stranger shove his tool up their hind end. Yeah.

      • happypainter

        We do NOT live in a liberal society – we live in a right-of-center society being forced to the left by the media and socialist politicians in Washiongton. Coservative values are still the norm in most households in the United States and sexual acts by 7-year-olds is NOT normal.

      • ch

        Jaw dropping to the floor after reading your comment. You must be insane to think its ok for 7 year olds to have sex. You must be into kiddie porn or something.

      • Concerned

        @MM we are not a liberal society we are a conservative society, as was apparent in the most recent elections. If you will, we’re a center right society. You may be a liberal community but I can promise you are in the minority overall.
        This episode is appalling on many levels and serves to show how far we’ve fallen as a nation. The internet may make porn more accessible but it’s always been around and accessible. It’s not accessibilty that’s at issue, it’s moral errosion that’s at issue. There is no way a 2nd grade class should even be learning sex ed let alone role playing it in class. We’ve become way to permissive as a culture and now were reaping the results. Our children are less educated, more inclined to immoral behavior, less involved in their communities and completely focused on personal gratification. This is a parent issue. We have failed the next generation.

      • Veronica Hunt

        People like you are the biggest part of our problem. If you think sex in the second grade is ok… we are certainly doomed if there are alot of people who think like you.

      • LL in California

        Seriously? If you reall believe what you have written here…you are part of tje problem? College Professor? Yikes

      • Apeon

        Please note that MM stands for either Moral or Mental Mush!

      • STP

        let me guess….youre a child of the 60’s. You probably sit around in your commune smoking pot tuning in with nature talking about how to take down the man. Get a freakin life. You people on the loony left need a lobotomy to dig out that tumor so you can think rationally

      • LL in California

        Many typos in my original reply to MM – due to broken index finger, not my California public school education! (LOL) I am glad to see there are so many “non-liberals” in this “liberal society” of ours.

      • barry1817

        So you would have no problem with your children, in second grade being taught about sex, by people that you don’t know?

      • Dwight

        Where and when did you bump your head moron? I have only one question to ask you MM, how many stints in prison did you do for child molestation? If you haven’t yet I am sure you will be serving time very soon!

      • June

        I hope you haven’t and/or don’t breed.

      • wildbill69

        How many EXCUSES can you offer ????????????????????

      • Brad

        come on, it’s one thing if there playing doctor in the coat room, but performing oral sex acts, points to the fact that they must have seen it at some point, most likely a parents porn collection. i would not judge the teacher until i knew the class size and the poverty level the kids are coming from. 50 kids given no direction at home could be more then a handful. 18 kids in a small middle class classroom is a whole other thing. Also sex at such a young age can be very harmful, causing emotional regression and social disability, given the context of our society.

      • AtlasObjectivist

        MM… wow, do tell us, how is the weather on Planet Loon today?

      • Phervik

        seriously? sex between 2 CHILDREN is not a good thing. and why isn’t anyone looking at the children’s parents? where did they learn it? sex ed is taught in my home, but it is also taught that it is a private thing between 2 adults. CLearly this teacher should be FIRED and not on suspension. when my kids are bored, they find a book.

      • AtlasObjectivist

        Note to MM – your IP address has been submitted and is currently being traced. Federal Officials will be knocking at your door shortly and will demand you take a position with the Obama Administration.

      • tcp

        MM, I’m gonna’ need to pile on here. Let’s just say for arguments sake that in the (not so) distant future you have grown children who have children. Let’s say they are five years old. Now let’s just say they decide they don’t want to come in for dinner one night so they get naked and have anal intercourse with the neighbors five year old children on the sidewalk in front of your house, ya’ know ‘cuz they’re bored…is that OK with you?

      • Mattg

        “sex i[s] never a bad thing”!?!?!? Are you serious!?!? These are 7-year-olds for crying out loud!!!!

        Sex is a bad thing in lots of contexts. From rape to abuse to any sex involving children (whether with adults or other children)… Bad results of mis-used sex range from broken hearts and broken homes to STDs and unintended pregnancies.

        Sex can be great when done in healthy and appropriate contexts, but the nonchalant dismissal you show towards “social stigmatisms” is the worst kind of willful blindness. I have two underage children, and you better believe I want sex with children to remain a “social stigmatism”!

      • Frank Rizzo

        We are not a liberal society. Look at the outrage on this story alone.

      • Gburg72

        Be careful with what you share with people through such a widely viewed medium. You are using the idea of “liberal society” in an effort to pass off your own opinions.

        Needless to say, we have rules and regulations in our liberal society. The reason for such things is because, despite the fact that we encourage liberal thinking, we commonly agree on certain truths. 21 year olds are simply more mature when it comes to alcohol consumption. 16 year olds are allowed to drive because, for the most part, we agree that they are capable of handling the responsibility of driving. We teach children sexual education at puberty because it is at that time that we agree they need to know about such things.

        In this case, MM, sex IS a bad thing. You are sick if you think otherwise. There is nothing wrong with promoting liberal thinking, but that is no excuse for encouraging recklessness.

        Use your head, please. Dont waste our time with such silly comments.

        Thank you

      • DrBill Davis

        we may be a “liberal” society, but thankfully, we can change that.


        WE ARE NOT A LIBERAL SOCIETY. we are a representative democracy, that is our society. nudity taboos have nothing to do with this. they had to have had someone show them this, or seen it online, etc. its not intuitive at that age. Maybe the SF society is, but it IS liberal, look at their politics. Part of the reason I left CA for AZ.

      • SJvet

        Remove the social stigmatisms around sex? Sex isn’t a game and is often a bad thing. The whole intent of sex is to further the species, not recreation. We are not a liberal society, as you would hope, but a conservative society that has to put up with a minority of libersls who know how to shout over any conservative trying to make a point.


        Little history lesson. Rome was the longest lasting democracy in history, until the US. they lasted just over 200 years, but towards the middle to the end, they became more and more “liberal” in society and policy, and look what happened. anarchy, the fall of the greatest country up to that time because of “barbarians” who still had the will tofight for what they wanted, and rome didnt. they were too busy having orgies (of all sorts of depravities) and feasts than with running the country and keeping it going. it bears a very strong resemblance to our country, we have become spoiled for the majority, who wants to flip burgers (or work at all when politicians will just give you money if you vote for them, and that is another history lesson. Alexander Tyler who was a Scottish History Professor at the University of Edinburgh warned that a democracy would last until the populace learned they could vote themselves “freebies”, then the country would fall into ruin. and we are there, the politicians vote themselves pay raises, benefits, and you vote for them, they will give you free money, better tax “breaks”, extended unemployeement, etc, etc)

      • Renny


      • Laura

        MM, you are out of your mind. I treat adults who were molested as children and I can tell you for a fact that this is NOT harmless behavior. Yes, sex is normal and natural, but not at 7 and not in a classroom.

      • Jamie

        MM, “sex” is an act that has been absolutely minimized, glorified and pornified. Intercourse requires a great deal of amturity and self respect because a child can be born of this act. This act requires great maturity and responsibility to all parties involved, yet, we are sensualized through media and led to believe that “sex”, as you put it, is for our own personal pleasure. It is an honor to bring life into being and is therefore a very spiritual experience, but, you won’t see that in the media.

        Children are innocent and protecting their innocence is one of our greatest responsibilites. “Sex” minus respect, dignity and spirituality is nothing more than perversion. Just take a look around you, MM. With the pervasiveness of pornography we see that it is a force of corruption…..not well being.
        Our world has become more dangerous due to the sensualization of mankind. More children are raped, kidnapped, abused and murdered in these past 10 years than any other decade due to the proliferation of pornography in music videos ( “lady” Gaga, Christine Agulieara, and other purveyors of pornographic music videos ), television, Movies, Magazines and more.
        Children are like amplifiers of their environment. They emulate what they live so it would be of little use to censor them in a world filled with corruption and perversion. They become what they see in their environment….and these children are the poster children of the sickness of such a debauched society.

        If you plant a seed in corrupt soil then it will grow according to what is in that soil….children ( and we were ALL once children ) are no different.

        Speak up for the children of the world for they have no voice. Don’t defecate where these angels eat, breathe and sleep.

      • i_know_where_my_kids_r

        Seriously…you are sick. Sexual contact, sex acts, or sex itself is WRONG for anyone other than adults… and 2nd graders – ????? SECOND GRADERS are 7 years old! This wasn’t “I’ll touch your pee pee if you touch mine” – this was oral sex acts!!!! It’s sad.. it’s horrifying.. and your comments are WHY this is happening to children – because of people like you who “don’t want sex to be a bad word”. Clearly, you are not a parent, and clearly you are void of morals.

      • LJ

        Liberated my rear!! The “social stigmatism” regarding sex with children in any way, shape or form is best left intact, and society made rid of ANYONE who believes sex with children is acceptable. And off to the lunatic asylum for those who would defend such behavior. Sadly, though, it does not appear that one can fix STUPID!

      • Cheesewheel

        Are you friggin kidding me??? a lot more then the place was inappropriate. And I dunno about you in 2nd grade, but filling time with oral sex never entered my mind when i was bored. Your just sick,.,

      • Sammie Jo

        SERIOUSLY? Never? Even when it’s 2nd graders and they’re in public?
        So, the teacher wasn’t keeping the kids entertained, so they decided to play “Monica & Bill” because they were bored?
        Hate to give you the big news flash, but we are not in a liberal society, the majority are conservative.

      • A Gramma

        MM…………………….You are sick………….

      • Teacher of many

        Sex is a bad thing for children because they lack the psychological and emotional development to participate in it. Sex is a very intimate thing between adults; it requires trust and vulnerability, and still many adults get hurt because they have been used by people who never valued them for more than their genitals. Is this the legacy you want to hand down to a child? Would you “remove the social stigmatisms” around driving, give them the keys to your new car, and without so much as a driving lesson, set them loose on the highway? Of course not! They would be in danger, get hurt, and possibly die. Children need our protection and nurture to help them develop safely within the boundaries of their developmental stages. Don’t assume that because sex is great for you as an adult that it is good for children. For children, sex play should be played out with Ken and Barbie dolls, not living people, and certainly not themselves. Finally, it seems the easiest thing to do is blame the teacher; it is also very popular. I can’t imagine what she/he was doing that they were so distracted! Parents may have come to the door, and while holding her/his foot in the door, the teacher may have spoken with the parent just outside the door. It is a reasonable scenario. And it doesn’t take kids long to strip! I will not make excuses for this teacher. Clearly, he/she was distracted to the point of child endangerment. Kids don’t have a natural instinct toward oral sex – they had to have seen it at home or been victims of it themselves. Sex education starts at home. I would say the investigation should begin in their homes, and not exclude that teacher’s practices. I am a teacher, too, and this story makes me so angry because the children were hurt, and it just gives society another reason to blame us for their lack of attention to their own kids. God help us protect the children from what we’ve become, and from people like David in NYC and MM.

      • Teacher of many

        MM – what a riot! I, too, am outraged by your comment, but having read most of the comments that yours generated, I wonder if you didn’t say it just to create your own little 15-minutes of cyber-fame. Kids having sex in 2nd grade? It must be the result of having taken Ken and Barbie out of the classroom. Oh, and God, too.

      • DW

        Bet they wernt white.

      • JD

        Its quite clear the mice in your head need some cheese for a feeding A liberal society ? Learning sex should be taught by there parents You do know what parents are? Heterosexual parents a man and a woman You lack insight tells me you must have been bored to not to have received an education in ethics ….Have a wonderful day :)

    • Walter

      You seem surprised by oral sex between Oakland’s second graders. One former Oakland girlfriend first had intercourse in the first grade; her only complaint is that the boy, a third grader, was an unskilled lover. Remember that this is the home of the “sideshow,” where a mob takes over an intersection, pimps show off their stables of young girls, open-air sex is cool, and gang thugs shoot one another, bullets flying into adjacent homes.

      • asdfasdf

        I could be wrong, but I don’t think MM was implying that kids at school or even that age should be having sex. I think MM meant that all the comments about making porn etc illegal is wrong and he’s correct about that. With that said WTH is wrong with this teacher? Didn’t notice? Isn’t the teacher supposed to be watching these kids? You can’t leave 7 year old children alone by themselves because either this might happen or they might burn the place down.

        I bet one of these poor kids learned it from a neighbor or family member and passed it on to the others. They need to find out which one, if not the teacher, instigated the whole thing and find out what might be happening at home or in the neighborhood. And if it was the teacher then lock him away. The whole thing is GROSS.


        liberal/left leaning people have been pushing for sex ed at this age for years. so it doesnt surprise me it happened, or that the teacher DIDNT stop it. or that MM does mean at that age its ok, just not when they should be learning, what they should be learning is up to debate with this attitude.

      • Teacher of many

        Walter, you SHOULD have been shocked. I don’t care if it is San Francisco; young children acting out sexually is not the San Francisco Treat! Are you so desensitized that you can really say this problem is geographically predictable? How very sad!

    • marty

      This is the difference between liberals and conservatives. Liberals created this scenerio, especially the statement that the principal said they were “not supervised”. are you kidding? This type of perversion is somewhat mainstream in the liberal ideology. America, you must choose sides. liberals are entrenched in all areas og Government and they must be removed or this act will go completely unpunished.

      • asdfasdf

        This happens on both sides marty. It doesn’t always have anything to do with liberal vs. conservative. And how did liberals “create the scenario”? Were they in the classroom? 7 years old can be an experimental age for many kids and they don’t have to see it on the internet or from anyone really. What needs to happen is that a responsible adult is there supervising them to say NO. This kind of garbage has been going on since the dawn of time. It just wasn’t until now when people became more open to it happening that they discuss it.

        I was kind of molested by a neighbor boy. Some of my girlfriends were always trying to do weird stuff to me. My brother’s friend tried to do things to me and I didn’t say anything. All these things at different ages. Yeah, I should have said something but I was embarrassed because back then you didn’t say anything. The kids should have been reprimanded and my brothers friend should have been arrested. Oh, btw, this was back in the 70s so you can’t blame it on society, the internet, and porn. Also, I’m a conservative.

        I’m not saying what happened is right, but I am saying it’s not the fault of “liberal” vs. “conservative”

      • Guy L W Hardy

        Don’t listen to asdf^2, Marty. That loser has obviously never heard of Alfred Kinsey – a liberal par excellence – and his studies on child sexuality. Liberals subscribe almost religiously to Darwin – who was a great support for Marx, Engels, Stalin, and Mao in their philosophical position that Man is simply an animal; this pillar of belief permits them to think of children as lab rats and testing samples, while they think of adults as workhorses and brood sows. How else could ANYONE manage to justify sex between young children while being observed by adults?

    • Libertybelle

      Per former President Bill Clinton….oral sex is not sex! Consequently ….this is what happens when public figures make such absurd statements….How sad! It really is time to improve the school systems by weeding out the incompetent teachers that have been protected from “discharge” by union enforced “tenure”…

    • dv57

      Suspended? Why not fired!!!!

    • Carl Naquin

      We need to get hold of our standards quickly. For generations, the “No sex before marriage” rule worked and it can work again if we want it to. I refuse to accept the arguement of the condom and birth control dispensers who say, “the kiods are going to do it anyway”, That is admitting defeat before the issue is addressed! For generations the “aspirin held firmly between the knees worked just fine!

      • DW

        Blacks and mexicans have no standards or morals.

    • bob

      This doesnt suprise me at all, with the social decline,God stripped from our schools,liberal media and the liberal mind set. REPENT Jesus resus returns May 21, 2011

    • Rugpeddler

      Next, the NEA and Teachers Union will be telling teachers it’s OK for the children to test the quality of the shcool issued rubbers in the classroom.

    • Mudflap

      I thought that Bill Clinton redefined oral sex as “not having sex”. Is is or isn’t it? We’re on a snowball headed straight for Hell.

    • Mary Wright Pippert

      Is no one wondering about the parents of these children. I think CPS should be called in. Why the teacher did nothing still is a puzzle. But blaming the teacher for allowing it should be shared with the parents who obviously are not watching their children.

    • p3orion

      Yes, by all means discipline the teacher, but also investigate the mothers (this being Oakland, the fathers are probably unknown.) These kids didn’t just come up with this on their own; find out how they got the idea.

    • Bill C

      This is so hot!

    • Joan

      This is totally disgusting, The teacher should be thrown in jail. And we trust these people with our children everyday.

    • vance winslow

      Now, let me see…what a surprise…GOD taken out of the schools…wonder what the next base activity will take place…we need to put the brakes on…this train is headed downhill…but the “educated” believe this progressiveness is just great…and I suspect that some of them secretly approve of this new found freedom.

    • DKTampa

      Look for the union label…in the pile of kiddie clothes on the floor. I’m sure they’ll be able to fire the teacher after two years of legal hoops with full pay throughout.

    • Wilt

      Why are there only law suits when it concerns the church. I want to know this teachers name. She was ONLY suspended? She should be in jail. Can we sue the public schools out of existance. where’s SNAP those money grabbers.

    • deh

      I bet the teacher is a progressive democrat

      • AngelA

        That isn’t a fair bet. Firstly it is Oakland California and secondly it is a teacher. Both of those are high indicators of a more liberal leaning. ;)

    • Penguin Smoothballs

      F AROCK

    • sharon

      Yes Sylvia, thanks to the liberal philosophy of “anything goes” except for the “old-fashioned” morals that conservatives still believe in”. When are we ever going to learn? Liberals/socialists/communists/marxists have no conscience about our children or anything good for that matter. Their only concern is: domination and control. Keep their voters stupid and compliant.

    • SOV

      New Reporter, can perform a sex act on me anytime; place; day, or; time

    • A Gramma

      And they say 2nd hand smoke is dangerous. All of this new age cultural and diversity training that goes on in these liberal schools these days is inherently immoral.

      These little innocent children will all have STD’s by age ten.

      What in the he// was that teacher doing while this was going on? I can’t bear to guess what that teacher was doing…
      And WHAT is going on here? Enough ……………….Already……………………….

    • James Cagney

      it’s easy to understand why
      they are_negroe_democrats

    • Zillalilly

      Execution! Enough said!

      • Zillalilly

        No more America Rise!

    • Americano

      Da, we live in a society, here in America, that is constantly in all fronts breaking and carving new paths/rules that go contra to normally acceptable behavior! We are dysfunctional with no sense of a universal moral compass — and act shocked when a new path hits the market, usually an off shoot of some other ill conceived behavior, i.e, like condoms for kids, already in practice.

    • TomLaw

      We threw God out of our schools, our churches and our homes. What do you expect? We’re told this type of behavior is natural and to just accept it. Heck, even our schools are told to teach how to have sex to students too young to know how to deal with their emotions. Where are the parents who will take responsibility for the training of their children in decency and good moral conduct? Where are the adults who will show some moral values and restraint in their lives? Instead we act like animals, driven by “instinct” and refuse to put ourselves in submission to God’s instruction and values that benefit our lives.

    • Greg B.

      Lets face it. This sort of thing may have happened in our Grand Parents time & before. It was just swept under the rug then. People where far to embarrassed to even report or publicize it.

    • Rodger

      But oral sex isn’t really sex. Bubba said so, so it must be true!

    • Concerned Citizen

      I cannot believe that a person on here commented about “demonizing sex”, “ashamed of our naked bodies”, “urges”, etc. This person is part of the problem. We are talking about CHILDREN ! ! ! NOWHERE, EVER should the 2 words; “Children” and “Sex” be placed ANYWHERE near eachother ! That is totally SICK in the worst possible way. Man, talk about a corrupt society. God help this planet.

      • Fix

        Umm, you yourself just placed the words “children” and “sex” in close proximity.

    • Jim N.

      This happened because it is considered wrong to teach morality or ethics to our children. That is considered to be inappropriate and judgmental. So, this is what you end up with. Let this teacher go to prison and not be allowed back into his neighborhood after he pays for his crimes, just like the other perverts.

    • riffenberg

      Supended? She needs to go to jail as a sex offender.

    • USAR4ME

      Where are the criminal charges… and why is the teachers name being withheld, he is not a miner, whose protecting whom and why? the teacher is certainly open for child abuse, and sexual solicitation and possibly sexual assault of a miner. Solicitation being obvious as the teacher must have encouraged the acts and assault likely if the teacher touched or physically assisted at anytime. I would also be interested to know if there were any pictures taken including, monitors in the class room… if there were then the teacher is also subject to engaging in child pornography.

      Indefinite suspension as discipline in this matter only indicates the need to discipline the administration for their lack of judgment and supervision of this teacher. It is highly doubtful that this would be the first indication or breech of protocol and sexual content/abuse engaged in by this teacher. This teacher should have been dismissed without any question, once it was determined that this conduct was permitted in his classroom. Makes one wonder about what else is going on in this school and what the administration is allowing to occur.

    • Christie

      David in NYC is the poster boy for projection. The line about our society being ‘too repressed’ proves that he is the child that needs to grow up.
      If he has children, they are probably trying to raise HIM.

    • Chicago860

      Well, firing the teacher will damage his/her self esteem so we can’t do that. California, you made your own bed…

    • tom

      To David in NYC………repressing our natural desires (urges)!! OK, my natural desire (urge) is to kill someone. Should that be repressed? After all sex, theft, lying, killing is all part of my “natural desires(urges)”. You and your ilk are the reason this country is headed the way it is.

    • Mitch

      This IS Oakland. They were 15 or 16.

  • Kevin in San Jose

    Second-graders? Naked in the classroom? Oral sex? No. No way. This is a hoax. Everyone remain calm.

    • Gregc

      How naive – I’m sure they learned to do this from some lowlife adult pervert.

      • Larry

        They probably learned this by watching their parents!

      • GracieZG

        I believe it was former President Clinton who popularized and made “oral sex” a household word. This is his legacy.

      • melatr7

        Sorry- All they have to do is step out onto the public streets in CA to get their lessons!

      • Jo

        “…lowlife adult pervert”

        …hmm like the ones in every major Hollywood studio?

      • Avenger

        Yeah, their teacher.

      • nick

        It’s PUBLIC SCHOOLS in OAKLAND……..what do you expect?

      • Jimmy Jones

        Yes, President Clinton!

      • Another American

        Bill Clinton’s foul legacy still on display.

      • icetrout

        According to the Clintonistas what the 2nd graders were doing wasn’t sex.

      • Midia

        Especially in San Francisco and Palm Springs.

    • Dr. Bombay

      “No matter how cynical you become, it’s never enough to keep up.” ~ Lily Tomlin


      • AngelA

        The Bible might not be the answer. The strict rule that the Bible brought with it is honestly what we should be looking for. Allow teachers and schools to bring down actual consequence that is also followed up on at home. When you have a school suspend a child for a behavioral issue and then both parents are out at work all day turning the suspension into a vacation, the kid doesn’t get the hint. Parents and schools should step it up, realize that our future as a nation is in their hands, and take pride in molding those children and helping them realize life is not about instant gratification and total satisfaction but rather about work, consequence, and looking to where your now will lead you tomorrow.

      • Paul C.

        God is taken out of school and it has been downhill every since.

      • Craig

        Yes, God would’ve stopped those kids, that’s for sure.

      • Bill

        Totally agree. When 1 lady got the Bible out in 1962, drop-out rates, teen pregnancy, drug use, divorce, crime…EVERYTHING..shot up…INSTANTLY! If 1 person can get the Bible out….why can’t 1 person fight & get it back in? THE PROOF IS IN FRONT OF OUR FACE…..EVERYDAY!

      • Dr. Bombay

        Is that the same god that says ….

        Deuteronomy 22:13-21 – God demands that we kill girls who are not virgins when they marry.


        Deuteronomy 21:18-21 – God demands that we kill all disobedient teenagers.

        That god?

      • C.B.

        Gee, god is still floating around the catholic church and that hasn’t seemed to stop loathsome behavior on the part of perverted adults. Gods and Goddesses have nothing to do with what goes on in schools. Deal with it.

      • ZaneUp

        Typical liberal interpretation! When God is present (meaning we use the standards that God presents in the Bible), things always go better for people. When we reject His standards in favor of our individualistic, selfish, nebulous human standards based not on any real sound morals but rather on what “works” or makes me “happy” right now, these toddlers having sex is the result as well as a slew of other societal problems. It’s your choice. Reject God and you’ll end up unhappy and living like an animal. Just because you see a church building doesn’t mean the people inside are using God’s standard. God is not wrong just because his people or anyone else fails to follow his standard. Fact is, whenever they do follow his ways, it ALWAYS goes better. when they don’t it ALWAYS makes life worse.

      • ZaneUp

        @Dr. Bombay — you’ve taken those verses out of context. We can play that game with your liberal, big-government loving gods. I could easily pick apart just about any big icon that you have in politics, academia, etc. I don’t have the time or energy. And you wouldn’t be able to stand the same scrutiny that you like to apply to others.

    • brob

      Not a hoax, and thank you liberal left.

    • student1776

      Your unionized, 100% liberal voting California teachers in action!!

      • Midia

        …and it will take a long time to process this teacher out of their school system thanks to the Union.

      • Edo

        Suspended with pay probably. Then a nice little retirement package for all their trouble.

    • Jake

      Gosh I hope you’re right Kev

    • OGolly

      ‘Taint no hoax, Kevin. It’s but the sad results of our steadily declining cultural values. Gives new (old) meaning to the Biblical phrase about reaping the “whirlwind,” what? We reap precisely what we sow; it’s a law of nature that has nothing to do with left or right politics. The only difference is that conservatives begrudgingly allow the truth of the law, whereas liberals steadfastly refuse to believe the truth that’s right under their own noses.

      • Walter

        Well, not “declining” cultural values. A lady friend told me about growing up in Oakland during the 1950s, where the adults would leave groups of children (age 5-12) in a recreational room. Everybody would have sex–the “virtuous” girls woudn’t give it away for free, instead demanding payment. It was clear to her the adults knew exactly what was happening. And this was a Sunday CHURCH (!) recreational room.

    • Mike from Monterey

      Yeah Kevin, just remain calm. Don’t get upset. Just put your head in a hole in the ground. If you ignore it, it will just go away, right?

      Wrong! People need to wake up. Our culture is not going into the gutter, it’s already there! People need to take a stand and say enough is enough. Legalalizing drugs is NOT OK! Protecting pedophile’s rights to internet porn and deviant TV shows is NOT OK! Promoting and honoring sexual deviancy is NOT OK!

    • Cathy

      Kevin- I hope you are right. The whole thing is so unbelievable, as are some of the comments.

  • Ivan

    how do second graders even know what to do? no way this makes sense!

    • SonOfSam


      • Avenger

        Thatt’s right. They started with bananas, remember?

      • girl next door

        You are correct. I have a kindergartener in LA County and I can confirm this. I tried to sit in the classroom while the sex ed was being taught and I was told that I could not. Reason: that children should feel free to report any sexual abuse by paretns and if parents are in the classroom then the child will not speak up. I had to schedule a meeting with the principal to review the materials being taught and I was only allowed 20 minutes. No lie. This is my experience.

      • Jackee

        Um, no they’re not. I would craft a real response to this, but I’m actually laughing too hard at your comment.

      • Walter

        No. The kids know what to do WAY before kindergarten or second grade.

    • Dirt

      Seen a rap video lately? Listened to just about any music lately? They know exactly what to do. Start holding the culture these kids are brought up in accountable. Hey- drop it like it’s hot and enjoy the twurkulator!

    • Wrinkled butt

      Wake up doofus! How can you be so ignorant of what’s going on in public schools?

    • borntobePolitical

      Read the top of the Drudge Report today about the new MTV series Skins and you may get a clue.

      Oh, and I think that there may be some of that going on at home. Maybe they should pay a visit to the parents.

      • KevinK

        No Child Left Behind was Bush AND Ted Kennedy. It was bi-partisan.

    • Wendy

      It’s the race involved, Ivan…you know..their priorities in life…Food, Sex and Clothes.

      • Youthful

        How racist of you! D:<

  • Miatadoctor

    You can blame Bill Clinton for his no child left behind policy.

    • Joey

      That’s a great one! Funniest thing I’ve heard this year.

    • samuelhacket

      Michael Jackson left no childs behind not Bill … oh yea i get it sorry ;)

      • Joey

        You guys are tearing me up. Lots of material here.

      • The research dept

        No child left behind is bush, #1 and #2 they don’t teach sex acts in school at that age, that myth was debunked a decade ago. Seriously? Read the newspaper before you make uorself look so ignorant

    • Hank

      You mean no child’s behind left alone.

      • Joe P.

        While George W. Bush signed no child left behind into law, it was Ted Kennedy who was the driving force and main author of the no child left behind law. I am sure you would attribute it to Bush if the only news paper you read is the New York Times. Maybe you should do some real research so you do not make a fool out of “yourself”, Research Department.

      • Tom K.

        Kennedy was the “driving” force, was he? Jeez where to begin with that comment…

    • kyle

      No child left behind was written by Ted Kennedy… look it up… the program that has lefties all riled up was written by one of your own!

      • DaleW

        Don’t forget the co-author of No Child Left Behind was none other than our own local Congresscritter George Miller.

  • Brandon

    At that age they shouldn’t even know what oral sex is. My anger goes toward the teacher. He could of stopped this from happening, but he didn’t. There is something wrong there. He maybe a pedophile in the making. This incident sure as hell proves it. The teacher deserves every punishment he gets. They need to do more checks on teachers and make the standard of being a teacher harder to try to prevent from happening again.

    • Andrew G

      Wow, the assumptions made in your comment are absolutely idiotic.

      They “shouldn’t” even know what oral sex is? Why not? Please tell me why you think that’s a moral rule that should be followed.

      How does this incident “prove” that the teacher was a pedophile in the making? It doesn’t. You are totally ignorant and your comments are wholly irresponsible.

    • Frank

      Why do you assume that the teacher was male?

      • KB

        Brandon may not have known he was a male. It is proper English to use the masculine form when gender is unknown.

      • sb

        KB, that used to be the case. However, feminism has fought against it as sexist. I’m sure they don’t mind the use of the male pronoun here, though.

    • HMichaelH

      Why do you assume the teacher is a “He?”

    • Allen

      Is it not possible that the teacher was just on duty and might have stepped outside the door for a short period of time where upon return the class has turned into a circus, mostly because parents are not interested in teaching respect. This is more of an example of parental ineptitude. To correct this though is even harder than just firing the teacher not to mention that Sex Ed is now being taught in some school districts as early as Kindergarten without any moral stipulations, however having government funded schools teaching KIDS morality is even more scary than what happened in the class room. So they chose the easy way out to hush the parents instead of going after the real blame for fear of losing government money (local/state/federal).

      • Sean C.

        @Allen. That makes absolutely no sense. If the teacher “stepped out” when they stepped “back in” they should have immediately rounded everyone up and gone to administration and probably the police. If what you propose was the case, why did the Administration take a week to catch wind of it? I will agree that most parents have no involvement in their kids lives and that causes a huge problem. However, we no longer have any integrity in our schools. Teacher’s unions have boxed administration’s in a corner from taking any action against a poor teacher and placing more emphasis on children passing standardized tests then teaching them anything. They have also tied the hands of teachers who do care. They have no authority to control behavior that occurs in their classroom anymore. I think that there is a lot more to this story than you see in this article. The school district is probably covering up a lot of info in fear of a lawsuit.

      • Allen

        @ SEAN C.

        Agreed this story is a lot deeper it is a multi-folded issue, federal and state mandates that are wrapped in money, the school system is about indoctrination and no matter how good the intentions when big money (political or corporate) come together with education no matter how the educator feels there is a push based on aforementioned mandates this by its very nature is indoctrination.

        Integrity is gone because federal government/state government has no integrity and those institutions are characterized by the way the people vote which in turn points the finger back at the voting block. If we want to change things it is time to stop pinning the problem on a red herring and take responsibility and fix it.

        This will be hard it will require people to realize that government no matter how small or big has no business in the class room because government involvement will bring about indoctrination no matter how innocuous it starts.

        By understanding the problem at a root level we will be able to tackle it and remove it. We also have to look at how we got to this problem and see if the problem is a symptom of a larger scale system or just an anomaly. My very humble opinion this 2nd grade problem is a symptom because though this story surfaced in Oakland, there has been a degradation across the nation and it was only a matter of time that it would surface some where.

      • Ghostsouls

        First it said the teacher WAS present, not that he had just left the room for a minute. How long must one be gone for an entire classroom of 6 and 7 year olds to all get together and agree to take off their clothing, then all take the time to do it, then converse with one another about sex acts, then pick two people to do it, then start doing it? I doubt many knew what oral sex was at 6 or 7 years old, someone instructed them on what to do. The ineptitude is on your part. This was not sex education. You must not have any children, and if so you must be another NAMBLA member. School is to teach an academic education, not have children perform sex acts forced upon them by the adults they are suppose to trust.

      • Allen


        NAMBLA huh, having and not having children makes no difference, up to me I would push NAMBLA into the ocean that has been chummed with a three day slick. The teacher is to blame on a level, I am really not trying to mitigate this teacher’s responsibility, but to state the ineptitude is on my part is not reading critically, absolutely the ineptitude is in part the parents, are they not part of the voting block whether they are voting or not, are the parents not responsible for the education of their child especially when it comes to morals and ethics so how in part is this not a parental ineptitude?

    • sb


      Fewer than 25% of public school teachers are male.

    • dave

      Most of the teachers involved in this type of behavior are female….look at “interested participant” web site if you don’t believe that is true.

      • Ghostsouls

        Doesn’t really matter if what you say is true or not, in this case it was a male.

    • criley401

      Teachers go through all kinds of “checks” improving on them would be difficult. However, I agree something is wrong with this teacher, No competent teacher would leave 2nd graders alone for more than a few seconds. If this really happened then the teacher should be decertified, dismissed, and allowed no further jobs with children. What happened may not have been strictly illegal in the teachers part (assuming out of control class) but it smells of voyeurism to me.

    • Jon

      ‘..maybe a pedophile in the making…” Are you freakin’ kidding??? Only a sick, twisted pedophile would alow that to happen!

    • thnkboutit

      who said the teacher was a man??????

    • Thor Pearland

      Unless the teacher was a hot chick, then attitudes would sadly be different…

  • joe

    I think the teacher must have been more than present in both cases . These aren’t things second graders would do even with zero supervision . If these things really happened than the teacher orchestrated it . Way beyond second grade imagination level .

  • ALB

    When someone finds out the real story, please report back. The information we have so far is phony.

  • Aunt Bee

    “The aim of public education is not to spread enlightenment at all; it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed a standard citizenry, to put down dissent and originality” ~ H. L. Mencken


    • publicus

      “Every time you stop a school, you will have to build a jail. What you gain at one end you lose at the other. It’s like feeding a dog on his own tail. It won’t fatten the dog.” – Mark Twain

  • piersitter

    no way

  • Colette

    While this should NEVER have happened in any school, keep in mind that many parents and child care-givers allow children to watch anything they want on TV, and there is LOTS to see on that ‘ole “boob tube” (gee, where’d they get that term?). The kids undoubtedly learned this behavior from what they saw on television – broadcast or recorded.

    But for a teacher to allow this????? Words fail me.

    • Andrew G

      “The kids undoubtedly learned this behavior from what they saw on television – broadcast or recorded.”

      Undoubtedly? Again, you are clueless. There is more than one way for kids to have figured this out, including direct experimentation. To blame television is just an assumption. Do you have any evidence that they learned if from TV? No, of course not.

      “But for a teacher to allow this?????”

      Maybe you should read the story before it becomes clear just how ignorant you are. The teacher was not aware this was going on.

      • To Our Cacophony Culture

        “…before it becomes clear just how ignorant you are.”

        Her ignorance is not so clear to me.

        The teacher *says* he was not aware this was going on. His career is on the line, why would he admit to this irresponsibility? In fact, I think it’s appropriate to test what he says. How is it possible for a teacher to be unaware of this?

    • Kathleen

      In the 1950s a boob was considered a stupid person, hence the term boob tube became popular as a reference to watching stupid shows.

  • Moe

    Teacher was suspended? Why not arrested?

    • Unbelievable


      I understand innocent until proven guilty. But this teacher should have been arrested and charged (not convicted without a fair trial) with child abuse.

      If there is any truth to this story then the teachers union better not throw their support behind this teacher otherwise EVERYONE will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the unions are NOT looking out for the kids like they keep claiming.

      • Andrew G

        “. Liberals subscribe almost religiously to Darwin – who was a great support for Marx, Engels, Stalin, and Mao in their philosophical position that Man is simply an animal”

        Do you know what a logical fallacy is? I suspect not. Your argument seems to be that since “liberals” subsribe to Darwin and since Darwin (allegedly) supported Marx, etc. that anything Darwin or that liberals believe in must be wrong. Your argument is logically fallacious.

        Human beings are animals. We have minds that allow us to reason and make decision. Unfortunately, we are still mostly irrational (as your post demonstrates).

        To suggest that “liberals” are to blame because they “subscribe to Darwin” is totally stupid. To suggest that all liberals believe the same things is totally stupid (I would call myself “liberal” but don’t accept much of what Kinsey said).

        BTW, if you don’t accept the theory of evolution, then I think you’re ignorant and your inability to produce logical arguments is good evidence of that. Just because I think the theory of evolution is the best explanation for life doesn’t mean that I am a Marxist. It’s unbelievable to me that you could suggest that anyone who “subscribes to Darwin” must be a liberal and thus must also support philosophies of Marx, etc.

      • Newbern W Johnson

        Since when do the unions claim to be looking out for kids. They look out for their members, first and foremost.

  • Tamre

    The teacher was ‘suspended’, not fired?

    • Kathy W

      The Teacher’s Union. Probably will take years in court to fire this teacher.

      • Jackee

        It’s hilarious that you think it’ll take that long to fire a teacher. The union isn’t that powerful, dear. Yeah, it’s powerful, but teachers can be fired, and quickly.

    • dave

      Suspension only… It’s a union thing. The unions don’t care about the safety of your children, only about keeping dues paying perverts on the payroll.

  • Bill

    Why is this not believable? Middle schoolers have oral sex all the time in my town in school. I also know two individuals that had oral sex 20 years ago in middle school in school. They know about it especially in the urban areas.

    • Tim

      Middle school, I can see. But 2nd Grade? These are 7 year olds! IF this is true, all I can think is that they got hold of some pornography and were just emulating it. And “naked in the classroom” could mean anything… they could have just had shirts off, I doubt they were running around the classroom in their birthday suits.

    • penguinz

      Not that I agree with oral sex in middle school, but I can understand that as hormones levels increase during those years dragging down brain cells in the process. But 2nd graders???? These are 7-8 year olds! They barely know how to tie their shoes and blow their own noses!

    • Creed

      This is not middle school. The article states it is elementary school. Second grade would be about 7-8 years old.

  • Mr Garrison

    Well put yourself in a teachers shoes and if suddenly walk into a situation where you unattended kids are behaving this way what the hell are you suppose to do that you don’t think you won’t get the blame in the first place – sweep it under the rug and hope it doesn’t happen again. Blame the parents, not the teacher.

    • Jason

      Are you kidding me? Our kids are supposed to be kept safe by a supervising adult in school and you think the teacher shouldn’t have stopped this and reported this so it could be fixed? You must be a member of those communist teachers unions who only care about teachers pay and benefits and couldn’t give a damn about the children. Only a union teacher would refer to themselves as “Mr. Garrison”. Your attitude is exactly what is wrong with public schools and why we should go to a system where the parents choose any accredited school and their tax dollars go to that school and bad teachers like you get FIRED!

      • Mr Garrison

        Actually I’m an union hating rational republican whose not employed in education… but you didn’t answer my question that “if you were in that teacher’s shoes how would you have handled the situation?” … it’s absurd to think there is a correct procedure for this in the teacher’s handbook.

    • Kathy W

      I can picture the Teacher walking in and not knowing what to do. She/He could not touch the kids to break it up. I don’t know what I would do.

  • 4dees

    This is what the influence of socialist teachers in our government schools is leadiong to. We have many unqualified and unfit teachers who are only there to collect a paycheck and tenure, while dumbing down our kids.

  • Burt

    Klinton’s said it is NOT sex; nobody will be blaming him, so it must be the fault of talk radio! ;)

  • Top

    This must be some fabrication. Who knows of any second grader who’s willing to strip naked in front of their classmates? I think some child’s imagination must’ve spurred this incident.

  • Billy Middlemiss

    uh….1) bill clinton didnt do ‘no child left behind’ and THAT, regardless, has nothing to do with this.

    2) with the internet and television being what it is, of course children know what oral sex is. Usually not second graders, agreed; but I dont think anyone can deny the pervasive nature of sex in our society.

    3) I cant believe people are not taking this seriously, and assuming it to be a hoax. It could possibly be a pedophile type of situation, or maybe the kids found a porn stash at home. I dont understand why this is so unbelievable.

  • W R Smith

    need to show a mug shotof the perp…. this need to be widely publicized.

  • Ben

    Wow, between the City of Berkeley offerin complimentary sex changes to it’s workers and now this…I swear California is going straight to hell!

  • RHO

    It IS California, so normal does’t apply.

    • Mike

      “Normal” is a setting on a washing machine – especially in CA!

  • Guess Who

    Second grade groids = 16-year-olds, nome sane?

    • Chloe

      Burn in hell

  • ron

    ALB — Ok you have my attention. How do you KNOW the info is phony?

  • http://www.elplatogallo.com brandon

    Come on, this is no win for this teacher. Do nothing, fired, go to try and stop it, probably get arrested for inappropriate touching.

    • Jason

      BS Brandon. A responsible adult teacher would tell the kids to get their close on and immediately take them to the principals office so the parents could be called in along with the police. That is what adults do. They stop it and prevent it. Please tell me you are not a teacher and that you don’t have children!

  • Aunt Bee

    If you’re still sending your children to government schools you can expect this and worse.

    Welcome to OmeriKa.


    • JohnK

      Get your kids and your grandkids OUT of government-run schools!

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